Someone Believes That Schools Should Put Students Of Different Ages Into The Same Class | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Someone believes schools should put students of different ages into the same class. What is your opinion?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is sometimes argued that children of different ages should be placed in the same class. I totally disagree with them.

Such placement is extremely harmful to the progress of younger students. To be more specific, countless students have the habit of comparing their academic grades with those of others. Therefore, when younger children compare their academic performance with senior students, they will realize that they are always relatively inferior, even if they have dedicated more time and energy to their study than their older counterparts. Consequently, they will suffer from serious frustration, lose confidence not only in their academic abilities but also in other aspects of life, which is extremely detrimental to their future development.

In addition, all students will fall victims of such placement. To begin with, older students have higher comprehension and cognitive skills, so teaching them together with younger students will make it challenging for teachers to prepare lesson plans and activities that suit all students. If lessons are designed based on the level of younger students, the attendance of such class means nothing to older children, since they can acquire no new knowledge, whereas if the content is prepared to the level of older students, younger students will not gain anything, since the content will surpass their comprehensive ability.

Besides, children may fall victims of school bullying which is always induced by conflicts among students. Children of different ages have a diversity of backgrounds and personalities, which are more likely to worsen such conflicts, coupled with bullying. Due to the obvious strength gap between juniors and seniors, younger children’s possibilities of being vulnerable to injuries will become very high during an episode of bullying. Meanwhile, older children who hurt others are more likely to be forced to receive reformatory and sacrifice their time spent on receiving education. This is very detrimental to their future development, since academic knowledge is the prerequisite for landing lucrative jobs.

In conclusion, while such placement may bring some advantages to young children, it will generate more disadvantages to all students.

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