Some Young People Are Leaving The Countryside | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some young people are leaving the countryside to live in cities and towns, leaving only old people in the countryside. What problems are caused by this issue? What can be done to solve this situation?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, many youngsters tend to move from rural areas to urban areas leaving behind elderly people. This essay will explore the problems associated with this trend and propose measures which might address them.

One of the problems that might occur as a result of young people moving to cities is that cities might become overcrowded. Population explosion puts a lot of pressure on the city’s infrastructure, which, in turn, might inflate the property prices. Having said that, one of the main reasons why youngsters move to urban areas is that cities offer lucrative employment opportunities compared to the countryside. So, to tackle overpopulation in cities, governments ought to provide better employment opportunities in rural areas by subsidizing the operational and infrastructural expenses for private companies. This, in turn, would encourage businesses to establish their companies in these areas.

Another problem that might arise when youngsters leave their old parents behind is that the latter lose their support system when they need it the most. Generally, old people need assistance from others even to perform their day to day activities. If all the young people move away from them, there will be no one to support them. This, in turn, may push them into depression.

This problem can be mitigated if youngsters try to find a means of living with the resources available in the countryside. They ought to make the most of what is available in these areas and stay back with their parents as family comes before everything. The government can help them by encouraging industries to set up their offices in rural areas.

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