Some Working Parents Think Children Should Be Sent To Child Care Centres | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays, many families have both parents working. Some working parents believe other family members like grandparents can take care of their children, while others think child care centres provide the best care. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Currently, many parents tend to be busy working and they have to rely on someone else to look after their children. While some people think childcare organisations can offer the best care, in my perspective, it is better for children to be looked after by their grandparents.

On the one hand, some parents believe that children should be sent to child care centres for some reasons. The first reason is that these centres are professional organisations and their staff are well trained so they have good babysitting skills. For example, when a child falls over and gets himself injured, the well trained staff in the care centres will act quickly and give first aid. Furthermore, child care organisations have many children from different backgrounds. This helps children mingle with them and make friends with their peers which might increase their communication and language abilities.

On the other hand, I believe it is a better idea for grandparents to take care of their grandchildren. Firstly, grandparents are well experienced in raising children because they have brought up their own children. For example, they know how to calm down children when they cry. Secondly, grandparents are family members, so they love their grandchildren more than other people do. As a result, they tend to spend more time and take more effort to care for their grandchildren. This is not exactly possible in day care centres because they have to take care of several kids at the same time. Consequently, there is a limit to the attention they can give to each child. Another advantage of leaving children in the care of their grandparents is that they are more likely to be family oriented when they grow up. Also, children raised by grandparents pick up family values much faster.

In conclusion, while there are some benefits to sending children to child care centres, I believe they should be raised by their own grandparents because they can give much more love and attention than care takers at day care centres.

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