Some Working Parents Think Childcare Centres Provide The Best Care For Children

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Finding the best support system for toddlers is a major concern for working parents. While some people argue that close relatives such as grandparents can provide the best care and support for young kids others insist that day care centres are a better option. In my opinion, grandparents are better care providers than the staff at day care centres.

Relatives, especially grandparents, have the best interests of the child in their mind. As a result, they give her their undivided attention. They also impart moral values that play a role in shaping the character of the child. Because of these reasons, close relatives make caregivers for the child. As a matter of fact, children who have been cared for by grandparents turn out to be more empathetic than those who never had the opportunity to interact with older people.

On the other hand, day care centres have their own advantages. They have trained employees who know how to cater to the needs of a preschooler. They also ensure that the child achieves some level of independence before starting elementary school. Despite these advantages, it is difficult for a crèche to provide the same care and warmth provided by grandparents. What’s more, studies have shown that children who attend a daycare centre are more stubborn and attention hungry than those who are cared for at home.

In conclusion, even though day-care centers can provide adequate levels of care and guidance for preschoolers they cannot match the love and dedication of a close relative. Therefore, if there is a relative willing to care for toddlers, working parents should consider that as the better option than day care centers.

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