Some TV Programmes, Video Of Violent Games And Other Leisure Activities Are Harmful For Children

Some TV programmes, video of violent games and other leisure activities are harmful for children. How harmful they are? What can be done to solve these problems?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The concept of globalization and proliferation of new technology have opened a plethora of options for children to spend their leisure time. Therefore, taking advantages of these resources young people indulge themselves in online activities, although sometimes there is a significant risk involved like harmful / unreliable content, violent shows or illegal information. Hence, exposure to such media will have severe repercussions for the overall development of children. This essay will not only discuss the harmful effect of this unnecessary exposure but also suggest some ideas to ameliorate the situation.

To begin with, violent games and negative content on media will have manifold detrimental effects on children. To illustrate, horror films on television can scare a child and as a consequence he may develop a phobia in future. Considering this risk of mental instability, children should not be exposed to any harmful content either via television or any other kind of leisure activity. Secondly, violent video games play a pivotal role in creating negative mentality. In addition to that, children get addicted to such games and waste their precious / invaluable time in playing these games which could have been used for some other productive cause. As per the latest survey conducted among students of ABBC school, 97% of boys play the destructive video game PUB-G which is based on the concept of war where players kill each other in the virtual world and as a consequence of it they develop a destructive mindset which makes them testy). Seen in this light, violent gaming is not only harmful for juveniles’ mental health but also wastes their valuable time.

In order to alleviate the situation parental intervention is imperative. Parents should closely monitor the content their children are exposed to. One of the ways to execute this idea is to change the privacy setting of the internet so that in the absence of parents, their offspring will not browse any illegal content. Secondly, parents can limit the gaming hours of their child and motivate him to focus on studies or some creative activities. Furthermore, the onus is on the government and the television industry to regulate the content broadcast during prime time. The authorities must anticipate the consequence of any show before broadcasting it. They should not promote violent or fake information sources which could adversely affect the young citizens of the country.

To sum up, aggressive games and vivid content on television can have grave consequences for children’s psychology; hence, it is the responsibility of parents to protect their children from harmful content. In addition, the government should monitor television and internet content.

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