Some Think That Fighting Poverty Is The Best Way To Reduce Crime

In order to reduce crime, some argue that attacking its cause like poverty is the best solution, while others believe that putting more people in prisons and having more policemen are more convenient way in tackling crime. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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Nowadays, the increasing rate of crime is a cause for concern. Some people opine that a fight against poverty could help in reducing the crime rate, whereas others think that there are more effective ways to tackle this issue. In my opinion, in addition to reducing poverty, we need better police patrolling and stringent punishments to deal with crime.

It is often thought that that poverty is the biggest cause behind the rising offenses. Often poor people get into the criminal world just to fulfill their basic needs. If employment is given to these people to help them survive, they can definitely be dissuaded from committing crime. Moreover, they will not get time to think over crime because they will be busy doing their jobs. Research shows that 80% of the criminals live below poverty line. They get involved in crime in the urge to get something for their families. Hence, offering a source of income to these people could reduce the crime rate.

However, fighting poverty alone will not improve the situation. Not everyone who commits crime hails from a poor background. Some are hardcore criminals and they can only be reformed with punishment. Moreover, the fear of imprisonment could deter them from committing crime. Additionally, more police security will automatically create fear among the criminals and they will be scared of doing anything wrong in the presence of police. For example, in Delhi, just to give security to the female employees working in night shifts, the government has appointed more police force on roadsides to ensure their safety.

In conclusion, tackling crime is not an easy task but the government can take proper actions to mitigate this issue. By creating more job opportunities for the poor people, increasing police patrolling and awarding stringent punishments for criminals, the government can reduce the crime rate to a great extent.

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