Some students take a year off between school and university | IELTS essay sample

The following essay topic was seen in a recently held IELTS exam.

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These days many students who have completed their high school take one or two years off before starting university. They either work or travel during this time. In my opinion, this arrangement has both advantages and disadvantages.

When students take years off after finishing school, their attention shifts to other areas. Some might travel and some might work. While traveling is exciting and helps them learn more about other countries or people, it does not do much to improve their career prospects. And those who take up a job immediately after finishing school will most probably have to work in the unskilled sector. Since these jobs are more likely to earn them some money and make them financially independent, they might just stick to them. Unfortunately, this will not help in the long term because unskilled workers will have to be content with low salaries and benefits.

However, those students who eventually return to their studies after taking a year’s gap will benefit if they can focus on their studies. The valuable work experience they gained or the lessons they learned from their travels will improve their career prospects. And when they are ready to start work after finishing university, they will have employers queuing up to hire them. Unfortunately, many of these students who take time off after school will never join university. Those who join a university may find it difficult to focus on their studies. Many of them will drop out and return to their previous job.

To conclude, taking a year off has both benefits and drawbacks. Traveling around the world or taking up a job has several benefits. Travel, for example, will enhance one’s horizons and improve one’s perspectives on life. In the same way, part time or full time jobs equip students with valuable skills that will stand them in good stead. However, a university education is still required to find a good job and students who do not start university after taking a year off will only hamper their career prospects.

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