Some Sports Are Extremely Dangerous For Those Who Play Them | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some sports are extremely dangerous for those who play them. Why do people participate in such sports? What measures could they take to minimise the risks involved?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Sports are an essential part of life and almost every country supports their players to achieve the highest ranks and medals in events such as Olympics. However, some sports such as wrestling and car racing involve high risks and sometimes might even lead to the death of the player/participant. Despite the levels of danger involved, players actively participate in such sports. This essay will discuss the reasons behind this and some measures to prevent such mishaps.

One of the prominent reasons, people participate in a particular sport is their passion for that game. For instance, some people are crazy about speed and love to participate in car racing events. Another reason could be parental pressure. In many countries such as Japan and China, parents want their children to excel in sports like boxing or wrestling and martial arts. Hence, children eventually develop interest and they grow up into talented boxers or wrestlers who are able to secure a gold medal for their country. Sometimes, people also participate in dangerous sports just for the sake of making money as people get heavily paid when they engage themselves in something which has high danger levels.

Nevertheless, there is a way to reduce the accidents associated with these sports. For example, thorough checks should be done before the car racing events to check for any technical issues with the car. Also, the drivers should be secured with high-quality helmets in order to prevent chances of severe injuries. In addition to this, instant medical aids should be present at the venue to avoid delays in the treatment of injured drivers. Moreover, for sports like boxing, there should be strict rules against hitting the opponent player beyond limits and the wrestlers should be made to wear knee caps and other protective gears.

In conclusion, although some sports are risky, people continue to participate in such games. They do this in order to earn money or because of their passion for that sport. However, safety measures such as wearing protective gears and security checks can be used to minimise the risk levels associated with such sports.

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