Some Schools Have Restricted The Use Of Mobile Phones | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some schools have restricted the use of mobile phones. Is this positive development or negative one?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Certain schools have urged the students not to use their mobile phones inside the school premises. I believe it is a positive trend because these restrictions will enable the students to focus on their studies and reduces the distractions to a greater extent.

Restricting mobile phones in classrooms can improve learning. Students who take mobiles to school are not aware of its appropriate / judicious usage and get distracted by every message and highlight that they receive on their device. For instance, some of my high school classmates had received warning slips from the Head Teacher as they were caught for misusing the phones in the classroom. Moreover, attention deficits are always a concern for teachers and the mobile usage in the classroom can radically increase this problem, resulting in poor performance of the students.

Additionally, restricting mobile phones outside the classrooms like playground or lunch hours is also beneficial because students will have opportunities to play games or explore the environment or just hang out with their friends so they can passively improve their social skills like team work, communication and critical thinking. For example, recent research says that school students who utilize their outdoor play effectively are less likely to be affected by stress and agitation. Schools are the primary place where students learn to adapt to the community hence it is vital that they use their time effectively for their betterment.

In conclusion, although mobile phones are part of our lives, blanket ban on their usage inside the school campus is worthwhile because it will help the students devote most of their time to studies, physical wellbeing and social interactions without indulging in unnecessary distractions.      

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