Some People Work For The Same Organization All Their Working Life | Band 6.5 IELTS

Some people work for the same organization all their working life. Others think that it is better to work for different organizations. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 6.5 IELTS Essay Sample

There are some arguments about whether people should work the same jobs in their entire lives or whether it would be more beneficial to change their workplaces. Although changing jobs provide workers with a cluster of skills, staying at the same companies will be a safe choice.

The work environment has become considerably competitive in recent years, which means that if one can find a job, they will stay with it. There are thousands of exceptional students who graduate from excellent universities every year. Although the seniors are more experienced, they are no longer as zealous and well-adapted as the younger ones. If they job-hopped, they would struggle with seeking an appropriate job that can accommodate them with proper payment.

The way the work environment becomes challenging requires the workers a wide range of abilities to adapt effortlessly. It is undeniable that people who change jobs frequently are much more well-grounded and lead happier lives than those who do not, which is also proved in several surveys done by a well-known organization. Humans are natural learners, and they learn best when they perform tasks and put what they learn into practice. By experiencing new aspects of different jobs, people are given opportunities to set new goals and strive for new things that encourage them to acquire new skills.

To sum up, while constant job-hopping can promote people’s abilities to obtain new skills, I still believe working at the same company is a more secure option in the nowadays competitive work environment. In my opinion, people will never change their jobs if they can find interest in their daily work. Therefore, companies should offer upskilling or training days for their staff in order to impress them.

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