Some people with a good education and experience in their field decide to move abroad to work | Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people with a good education and experience in their field decide to move abroad to work. Why do you think that is? What are the problems caused by this?

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Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

It is indeed true that some of the experienced and knowledgeable people migrate to other countries. While people decide to move to different countries for a better lifestyle, I believe that there are some downsides to this trend.

People having good education and experience in their field decide to go abroad for a better life style. When someone moves from a developing country to a developed one, they have better job opportunities, infrastructure and other state of the art facilities. For example, in my country, India, it common for the contemporary youth to go to countries like Australia, Canada and the USA after completing their education, as they have better career prospects in developed countries. Moreover, people get handsome salary package in developed nations which three or four times as much as what they may get in their home country. I think that these are some reasons why people decide to move to other countries.

However, when qualified and educated population decides to settle in another country, there is a shortage of professionals in their homeland. For instance, if professional doctors, engineers and teachers go to other countries, it will create a dearth of skilled professionals in their mother country. That is why the government has to fill most of the vacancies with amateurs. Consequently, it would be dangerous when these people with less knowledge and experience perform their tasks. Apart from that this would also affect the country financially because there is a decline in the number of tax payers.

In conclusion, educated and experienced people move to other countries to update their lifestyle; in my opinion, this culture affects the home country financially and also creates a shortage of professionals.

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