Some People With A Good Education And Experience Decide To Move Abroad For Work | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people with a good education and experience in their field decide to move abroad to work. Why do you think that is? What are the problems caused by this?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some educated and highly skilled individuals prefer to migrate to more developed nations and work there. There are many reasons for this trend and also it leads to many problems. This is caused by the belief that they could secure better paid jobs in rich countries. However, this migration could affect the economic situation in their home countries.

The primary reason skillful people leave for other countries is the better job prospects in richer nations. Despite their education and skills, many people are not paid well enough to make ends meet in their countries. For example, in Egypt, doctors in public hospitals secure an income of only 50 dollars per month. As a result, they will travel to Western European countries where doctors’ monthly wages are tremendously higher. The advancement opportunities are also better in more developed countries. An engineer working in a German enterprise can move forward into a managerial role in the company after some years. However, in many Chinese companies, the management board is usually made up of family members. Many Chinese workers cannot advance, even though they are skilled and educated. Therefore, they seek work in other countries with better career prospects / with better opportunities for career growth.

This trend positively affects the economy of the developed country. In other words, the educated and highly experienced immigrants usually secure well-paid jobs, and hence they pay higher taxes. The money is then allocated by the government for national healthcare, education, transportation and housing. Thus, they contribute to the betterment of the society. However, their home countries will suffer great losses in services. If doctors and teachers immigrate to other countries, the healthcare and education system will face a shortage of personnel to help the population. It will be very difficult for them to find smart and well-prepared people for these jobs.

In conclusion, people travel to work in other countries because of better job prospects in terms of monthly wages and advancement opportunities. This trend helps the economy of the target country but it can be highly detrimental to the healthcare and education system in their home nations.

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  1. Gaurav Huria says:

    Is it not a gruesome reality that the rate at which people migrate to overseas for the purpose of working there is increasing? Well,there are innumerable reasons for this happening but the main ones are the better job opportunities and the good enviroment.However,this phenominon is having some affects which will be discussed in the impending paragraphs.

    To initiate with the first reason which clears that why masses want to work in foreign nations is the job opportunities. With higher education and a long experience , people can get a white collar occupation through which they may earn handsome amount money and can alter their lifestyle. However, this could be quite harmful for them because in foreing nations the rent is high because of which they have to perform one to two jobs. In addition, performing more than one occupation causes stress which is inextricably linked to the depression and being in depression can be the reason for commiting suicide. For instance, an artice (reason for an extream step) published in The Tribune has been published in 2020 clears that 20 share of masses takes the extream step due to stress caused by jobs. Hence, it can be desasterous for the weakers if they work in another country.
    Now shifting the focus towards another reason behind the movement of employes to abroad to work -better enviroment. Many of the people desire to work in the developed countries for the hygenic enviroment which they could not find in their indegenious nations. But this may hamper the progress of the country because if a large proportion of people go to another nation then most of the professionals will be in the other country and they will work for them which will benefit to the host country not the native regions. For example, a news had been published in The Hindustan Times in 2010 which elucidates that after sending worker of Afganistan to United Nations of America, Afganistan’s development dwindled by 20 share. So, if a contry wants to progress then it must provide resources to its people so it can flourish.
    To conclude, it can to asserted that although working in the developed nations is pretty advantageous for the workers and the host provines but is disadvantageous for the native nation at a long run.

  2. farhi says:

    Majority of adults wanted to immigrate to foreign countries for a better life which they are not getting in their own country and this is the main reason behind it perhaps the movement by the highly skilled worker can impact the country’s economy.

    Developed countries provide a better standard of living which developing countries do not cater. There are many opportunities educated people considered in foreign countries, the growth and the promotion can be achieved in a year or two after joining the company which would have not been possible in the developing countries. By moving abroad, education of children take place in topnotch schools of the country and since childhood they become multilingual. For example, in Canada, it is mandatory to learn French from grade 1 and they become multilingual or bilingual by learning French and English however if they were in their own country kids would not able to learn any foreign language. Moreover, the wife even work and support the husband and the burden reduces from the breadwinner. These days, adults are much adventurous they love to perform activities and foreign countries are the excellent spot to do thrilling sports and they can perform various sports on weekends

    The problem face by the country is that highly skilled workers from the nation will be reduced as they must be contributing to the country GDP if they have not moved. Henceforth, Government earns from tax and now they shall not be paying any tax in their home country. Perhaps, educated people are a motivator and they motivate and help everyone so the society unable to take advantage and their presence missed by everyone.

    To recapitulate, in foreign countries growth of the educated people has seen and for the betterment and for the future of the family immigration ratio is surging.

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