Some People View Giving Presents As An Important Way To Show Care | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people view giving presents as an important way to show care to family and friends, others think there are more important things that can be done to show care and love. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, exchange of gifts has become a trend among people of all ages. People always find a reason to give gifts- be it festivals, birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations. While some people believe that giving presents to others is the best way to show our love and affection for them, others opine that there are many other ways to show that we care.
In my opinion, there are better ways than giving gifts to show our love for family and friends

Most of the youngsters give luxurious gifts to friends to show their love for them. They believe that the more expensive the gift, the stronger the bond.
Another reason that promotes this culture of gifting is that people are busy and feel guilty about it. They do not have much time to spend their family or friends. Consequently, they buy them gifts to overcome their sense of guilt. It is quite common for working parents to shower gifts on their children to compensate for their inability to spend quality time with them.

However, in my opinion, gifting is not the right or best way to show our affection. A gift is an object with a limited shelf life. It can never be the best expression of love. Helping family and friends during their difficult time is the best way to show our love and concern for them because only those who truly love us stand by us in our difficult situations. I think no present is more precious than the gift of time. For instance, if any of your family member or friend is suffering from some health issues, spending time with them and offering them all the support we can is the best way to show that we care for them.

To conclude, in my perspective, it is very important to show love and care to our near and dear ones but gifts are not the only way to express our feelings. There are other important ways to express it to others. Helping others in difficult times is the best way to express love and care rather than presenting them gifts on different occasions.

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