Some People Think Young People Should Choose Their Professions Themselves | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that young people should choose their professions themselves. Others believe that their parents should choose for them. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Deciding on a profession or career path is an important milestone in an individual’s life. While some people argue that young individuals should make their own decisions when choosing a profession, others, however, state that parents should make that choice for them. Personally, I believe that making independent choices is very important in a person’s professional and personal life.

For the development of an individual’s professional life, it is very important that they make their own decision. Making a choice on their own does not mean not listening to other people’s point of view; rather it means absorbing all the available information and coming to a conclusion on one’s own). Choosing a profession of one’s preference / liking means that they will love what they do). It makes work very interesting and also provides satisfaction. Making one’s own choice also gives a sense of ownership and responsibility. Individuals are more likely to strive to achieve excellence in a profession they like. Young people also have a different understanding of the new world that might be different from their parents. So, they might be in a better position to make informed decisions.

Parents, on the other hand, have lots of experience than their children, so it is equally important to listen to them for guidance on professional matters. Parents have seen the world changing with them and they have a better idea of which field is more reliable and which is risky. Therefore, their guidance is very important for a stable life. Most of the time parents know their children better, so they are likely to suggest a profession that suits them.

While both of these views are valid, I believe the autonomy / the freedom to choose one’s professional life is very important. Choosing one’s own career gives them a sense of ownership and satisfaction. If young people choose what they like for profession, they are more likely to put their heart and soul into it and it is the formula for success.

To conclude, young people should choose their own career path but should always consider their parents’ advice while making a decision. Parents should guide them in the right direction but at the same time should allow young individuals to choose their own career path.

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2 Responses

  1. Elisajet Mehmetaj says:

    My essay will be focused on the explanation of the two different point of view, trying to underline the positive and negative in both of them and at the end my position about it.
    I think the main reason that makes people think a child should choose his future life by his own or that the parents have to lead them in the right way, is to find in the own culture of each family.

    On one hand there are families , like for example in the Western world, who let them children free to choose by their own, what they want to do in their life, from the choice of the type of school to the kind of personal career. I think, letting a child makes his choice, can give him the opportunity to become responsible and learn from his mistakes of course, can help to improve his behave and his personal skills. In this way , one day , he will be able to understand his mistakes, correct his self and create his path. It’s not easy, sometimes it will be such a tough issue to deal with, but this is useful for the development of the personality of the child.

    At the other side we have the kind of families, such as in the Eastern world, where the duty of the family is focused on the definition of their childern’s lives. In this case the family must imprint its wishes and wills in order to raise the child as it wants him to be. Nevertheless in my opinion, sometimes it might be easier to have a family who makes decisions for you, in this way you don’t have to be worried about dealing with them and feel overwhelmed about you future and what it might be.

    I think everybody should be free to choose and address their lives in the way they think it might be the best for their selves, even this could mean to make a mistake. The best way to grow up personally and professionally is to be able to choose among a lot of choices, to choose the right one for you, in a specific moment, even it means for you to sacrifice a lot of things.
    This is what means to grow up.

    • ielts practice says:

      There are several grammar mistakes in your essay. Also your choice of words is not always correct. This essay seems band 6 to me.

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