Some People Think The News Has No Real Connection To People’s Lives

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According to some people news is not relevant for people and as such there is no point in wasting time reading newspapers or watching news channels. I fully disagree with this view. In my opinion, news impacts us both directly and indirectly and staying informed of the happenings around us is crucial to ensure our well-being.

News is certainly important for us. Some people assume that the only purpose of reading the newspaper is to increase our general awareness. This is not exactly the case. Of course, our general knowledge increases when we follow news stories; however, there are many more benefits to being aware of news. News shapes our perception of the world. When we read about a lot of negative news, knowingly or unknowingly we arrive at the conclusion that the world is a dangerous place. This encourages us to take enough precautions. For example, when people read about cyber crime in newspapers, they become more conscious when they share personal or financial information online.

News also shapes public opinion. India, for example, is an old country with a very conservative way of living.  Until a few decades ago violence against women especially rape was almost never reported because the victims were afraid of the social stigma associated with it. Eventually, newspapers and news channel started reporting such crimes and this reporting has played a significant role in sending home the message that when rape occurs the shame is on the perpetrator and not the victim. Consequently, today, more and more women are coming forward to report sexual violence and thus getting justice. Obviously, news helps shape public opinion and drive change. Financial and political news make people aware of the problems facing their country. They need this information to know whether the government is performing well or not. News stories about climate change and natural calamities also influence people to make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

In conclusion, news has a real a connection to our lives as it shapes our opinions, changes our perspectives and helps us stay prepared to face the eventualities of life.

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