Some People Think That Youngsters Should Get Involved In Community Work | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that youngsters should get involved in unpaid work, while others oppose as it may affect their career. Discuss both the sides and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include and relevant examples.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

People have different opinions about whether youngsters should get involved in unpaid social work. While some insist that it is beneficial for young people, others argue that it will hurt their career prospects. In my opinion, it certainly makes sense for youngsters to engage in some kind of community work during their free time; however, they should not allow the volunteering to take their focus off their career goals.

Young people reap many benefits when they engage in unpaid work for the underprivileged sections of the society. This allows them to see the various aspects of life and when they realize that many people around them do not even have the basic necessities of life, they will learn to count their blessings. In addition, volunteering is a great opportunity to acquire valuable work experience. They can mention these stints in their resume when it is time to apply for a job. Youngsters who have done some kind of community work are more likely to get hired than someone who has absolutely no experience of volunteering. Better still, the satisfaction that they get from doing something for the betterment of the society is immense.

On the flip side, if a youngster gives too much importance to community work, he may lose his focus on his studies. This, in turn, will hurt his career prospects. In the highly competitive job market, it is impossible to find good job opportunities if you do not have a university degree with good grades. However, not doing unpaid work is not the solution to this problem. Rather, youngsters should have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in life. They should volunteer only during their free time.

In conclusion, doing unpaid community work allows young people to gain valuable work experience and better perspectives on life; however, they must ensure that the community work does not distract them from their career goals.

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11 Responses

  1. Anum says:

    hello! please check my essay and give me a band score.

    It has been said that time and care are the best gifts one can give. life is short and everyone has to die. To extend this notion of volunteering yourselves in community works is the most valuable thing anyone can do. Most of us consider unpaid community works useless and not helpful in the practical life. However, my opinion is totally different. I believe that being engaged in public works in young age is very helpful in personal grooming and the bright future.

    I think voluntreeing your some time for a community has many positive effects on the life. When youngsters donate their time to the welfare of the community, they are able to see different aspects of the life. For example, the living conditions of the people living around, local social issues, regional health and education status. Understanding and solving problems of the local people is very rewarding and satisfying. To illustrate this, if you have raised funds for the water filtration plant for the local people, it can make you famous among your people and boost up your confidence. So it can never be matched by money or career.

    Donating time and energies to the community will also aid the practical life. Some companies prefer those who are engaged in community works and they offer them good rank and salary. Social works also streanthens the present skills such as communication skills, ability to do work in a group and decision making. All these capabilities open vast career-making opportunities, so getting involved in unpaid welfare tasks will pay off better in the future.

    To conclude, putting some efforts for the betterment of the community is the best thing one can do. Volunteering brings hope and happiness to the people but, it also leads to spitruital and personal growth. It is an experience which has no match for money and career.

  2. Anum says:

    what should I do to improve?

  3. naveen says:

    Many people opine that young lads should involve in social service. In contrast, it was often criticised by few people as it may impact their career growth. In my opinion, I firmly agree with the former one. In this essay, we are going to discuss about both the views along with my personal stand.

    Firstly, voluntary involvement in social service will make someone learn moral and ethical values of the system. Undoubtedly, educational matters are paramount for career growth for any student. At the same time, youngsters are the pillars of our nation. So it is extremely important to involve them with community work to make them better citizens. For instance, recent studies have revealed that people who were participated in any kind of voluntary work tend to stage more matured and systematical approach towards a problem.

    On the other hand, few people are afraid that involving in such voluntary works is a distraction. Also, it may affect not only academic matters but also professional growth in long run. Many researches have often concluded that excessive participation in community work can result in discontinuing school or college life. Though it is good to be part of some charity work, there is high probability to get distracted and choose different career altogether. However, it is acceptable to do such service, once they settle in professional life with steady income. Thus, some people are not encouraging students involving community work.

    By considering all the above mentioned points, it was evident that each view has its own reason for their statements. But, to me, it is very much important to learn about life rather than any other skills. It would not only make them better person but it encourage them to change the future.

  4. JINI says:

    A few people think that the youngers should involved in social works, while the others think that it is not beneficial for their career. According to my perception people are engaging these practices during their free time will improve their social responsibility. However it does not interrupt them to attain their goal.

    Engaging social activities will give more satisfaction to the people and this is one of the better way to understand not only how the people are living with minimum facilities but also how the people are overcome their problems. More over, some social work institutions are offering certificates to the candidates to incorporate with their resume , so it will help them to get better job opportunities. For example ,the journal of “career development” published in 2020 says that the 29 percent of the candidate who works in social welfare getting higher job than others.

    on the other side, if the people are engaging more in social work , they will not get sufficient time to give an attention to their studies. So it will definitely affect their career negatively. More over, doing the social works during their free time will encourage them to pay more attention to their studies. I strongly believe that, if a person who has a strong desire to become a good successor in his career cannot stop working or cannot give attention to other areas. Each and every one should have a dream about their job , people should work according to their desire rather than the social activities. In addition , now the job market is become highly competitive, so the candidates must have eligible degree from esteemed university to compete with others. For instance , people do palliative care, most of the people are stuck on that rather than their job.

    To conclude, people doing social work is the better platform to show their humanity. However, they must ensure that the volunteering should not interrupt their job career. It should not become the barrier to their life.

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