Some People Think That Young People Should Spend More Of Their Free Time At Home | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that young people should spend more of their free time at home with their families and spend less time entertaining themselves outside, others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is considered by some people that youngsters should allocate much of their leisure time to their families, while others contend that they should enjoy themselves outside. In my opinion, spending time with family is far more important than being outside. In this essay I will discuss both sides of the view and support it with valid arguments and examples.

Those who believe that the time with the family at home is more significant have their justifications. The main reason for this argument is that young people can learn moral and ethical values in a safe way when they spend time with family because a family is the place where children imbibe these values in order to conduct themselves well in the world.  Moreover, this time can be used to strengthen the bond with their family. In contrast, if they do not spend quality time with their loved ones, the ties between the family will not be strong enough. Studies have shown that children who spend more time with their family have better manners and are more conscientious than their counterparts. Thus, family time is of utmost importance for young ones.

On the other hand, some people opine that having an escape route to the outer world is significantly vital.  This is because it is a great opportunity to break the monotony of the daily life. This fills the millennials with new energy; therefore, they can be productive at school later. In addition, it is an excellent way to learn interpersonal skills in order to make new connections at work to be successful. In contrast, people who did not interact much outside of their family while growing up could turn out to be introvert and fail miserably in making real connection at their workplace.

In conclusion, although going out to enjoy themselves helps making new connections, the values that parents can teach in a family setting are invaluable. I believe that young people should not only devote their spare time to family, but also manage to take some time from their busy schedule for themselves.

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2 Responses

  1. nedi says:

    There are different view about children’s free time. While some people believe that they should stay at home with their familes, others think it is better to indulge themselves in outdoor activities. Personally, I believe that our children should go out and have some quality time with their peers.

    On the one hand, parents who keep their offspring at home and do not permit outside entertainments may think that out of the house is not safe and secure for their children to play. The society suffers from serious issues and rising crime rates has posed a threat to youngesters who are inable to protect themselves in case any dangerous accident happens to them.Take kidnappers as a telling example; these perpetrators are the worst case scenario that can happen to any family.

    On the other hand,I opine that stepping out of the house ,where is actually a comfort zone, is essential for children. They need to strike a friendship which not only helps them to develop their social skills, but also provides them with an emotional support as it is the pivotal role of true friendships ,which cannot be underestimated throughout the whole life. In my experience, had I spent most of my leisure times a home, I never could be able to find my lifelong friend
    In conclusion, some parents prefer to have their offspring at home most of the time because they are worried about serious consequences of rising criminal statistics whereas, I believe that if young people do not engage in outside pleasures, they might miss out on developing good friendships.

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