Some People Think That When Recruiting Companies Should Hire People Who Are Innovative And Able To Work Independently | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think when recruiting companies should take aim to take on people who are innovative and able to work independently while others considered they should recruit people who are able to work in a team and follow instructions. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people believe that organizations should employ people who are creative and are able to work without supervision while others feel that it is more important to hire an obedient team player. I am of the opinion that companies should hire a good mix of personalities in order for them to flourish.

On the one hand, creative and independent individuals can help to improve many aspects of the company as they may have a different or novel approach to handling their tasks. For example, they may be able to spot efficiency gaps in a workflow that has been established / has been followed for ages and could suggest something different to make it better and faster. Such input not only revolutionizes that particular task, but it could also help to shorten and improve the workflow of many in the grander scheme of things.

On the flipside, it is equally vital that organizations hire staff with collaborative and pleasant characteristics as these people make the environment much more comfortable and harmonious. While innovation is invaluable, companies should also give equal importance to building a strong team.

This can only happen with the right mix of people that know the weight of being able to follow instructions given by their superior and play their respective role as a team member.

In a nutshell, I believe that no organization should favour any one type of personality while hiring people. Each company should seek out the right mix of people during their screening process in order to create an eclectic combination that could propel them to greater heights. After all, having too much of one type may be detrimental to a company’s culture.  

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2 Responses

  1. Parvathy R says:

    Although some people believe that employers ought to recruit people who are creative and independent in their work, some others opine that companies ought to employ people who have good team skills. In my opinion, companies should hire innovative and independent people to work as it brings incredible benefits to the company.
    On the one hand it is often thought by some people that creative as well as innovative people are asset to the company and I agree with them. Firstly, if an employee is innovative, he can introduce positive changes in the company. Furthermore, since there is a fierce competition everywhere in the job market, the role of fresh ideas are indubitable. For example, there is an application called Byju’s learning app which introduced the idea of incorporating visuals in learning and hence gained worldwide popularity. Secondly, when a person can work without any dependency of others, then the productivity is also increased. In other words, since the person can work independently, he applies himself whole-heartedly at work. Finally, whenever a person has new ideas and is able to apply it in his job, he becomes more versatile and dedicated. Moreover, employees feel contented in anything they do if they are greatly recognized at their workplace.
    On the other hand some others feel that team skill is the most important factor while considering a person for job. For some critical projects where team work is unavoidable, people who are capable of working in a team is a must. Hence, for the success of project, a person should be able to work as instructed by their colleagues or boss. Another point to consider is that if people work in group, their ideas are shared. Therefore, there will be solution to every problem whilst working as a team.
    To conclude, there are myriads of benefit to the company if it employs people with fresh and independent thinking.

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