Some People Think That Using Animals For Experiment Purpose Is Cruel | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that using animals for experiment purpose is cruel, but other people think that it is necessary for the development of science. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

People are divided into whether animals should be used for experiment or not. Some feel that animals are as important as humans and should be treated with humanity, whereas others assert that it is essential for the advancement of science. In this essay, I intend to analyze both perspectives. I, however, side with former view.

There are many reasons why people opine that using animals in experiment trials is abysmal. To begin with, animals are living beings which has similar emotions as human beings. Having being able to express emotional traits such as happiness, sadness and empathy, they can feel pain and can get hurt. So, it would be detrimental not just physically but also for their emotional and mental health. Secondly, there are alternatives available to substitute animals for experiment purpose. There are a few people who are ready to become guinea pigs, and give their consent to undergo clinical trials. In return, companies/ agencies pay them money for their service.

On the other hand, those who thinks that experiments on animals are significant for the development of science, give their reasons as below. The prominent reason is based on the assumption that the human life is more important than an animal life. What is mean to say is that if sacrificing a few numbers of animals can say a plethora of human life’s then it is worth it. Furthermore, there is no other alteration to animals, since animal body is similar to human body enabling it to be the best possible match to accurately test and analyze the medicines being a success or a failure. What is more, animal testing is the most cost-effective due to the abundance of animal’s population.

In my opinion, animals should only be used in experiments when there is a high risk involved such as death or physical disability. For moderate to low risk researches such as cosmetics and beauty products, human trials could be replaced with animal trials. Moreover, animals are beautiful creatures of the almighty, and I feel they such be respected and well taken care of.

To conclude, using animals for experiment purpose have both positive and negative effects, but it is true that, this is mostly positive for humans and negative for animals. Yet, I concede that, for improvement of medicines it is fundamental to conduct researches either on humans or animals.

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