Some People Think That The Problem Of Illegal Drugs Can Be Solved By Just Legalising All Drugs | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that the problem of illegal drugs can be solved by just legalising all drugs. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Illegal drugs are a grave concern for all the countries. According to many people, this menace can be eradicated by making all drugs legal. I totally disagree with this perspective. Legalizing all drugs will only worsen the problem. In my opinion, launching awareness programmes and enforcing stringent laws are the best ways to counter substance abuse.

Legalizing all drugs will make them readily available. Instead of solving the issue, it will actually compound it. Hence, the government must never attempt that. Instead, to mitigate the far reaching consequences of illicit drugs, the government ought to introduce a strict law that castigates illegal drug peddlers and users. These days drug traffickers have no fear of punishment because in many countries the laws are lax. Therefore, a stringent law will allow the authorities to take tough legal actions such as longer imprisonment and capital punishment. In Australia, for instance, a person found guilty of using illegal drug faces imprisonment for 10 years. This law has helped the local authorities to reduce drug related offences by 19%. Hence, it is evident that strict law can act as an effective tool to resolve the problem of illegal drugs.          

Moreover, the government should shoulder the responsibility to launch awareness programmes in the schools and the colleges. Teenagers with impressionable minds are the most vulnerable to indulge in drug abuse which has a negative impact on their mental and physical health. Authorities can seek the help of media and famous personalities to send home the message that drug addiction can destroy lives. Such campaigns will deter many young people from falling prey to drug rackets. Parents also need to check their children’s room and bags regularly to see what they are taking to school and bringing home. Parental supervision and guidance play an important role in saving young people from substance abuse.

In conclusion, legalizing drugs is never a solution. Rather it will only worsen the situation by making drugs available to all. Hence, the government must never attempt it. Instead it should enact stringent laws and conduct awareness programmes to save the country from drug abuse.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 2

Nowadays, illegal drugs have become a matter of concern in many countries. A number of people opine that by legalising all drugs, the illegal drugs menace can be eradicated. I do not agree with this statement and this essay will elaborate on the reasons behind my standpoint.

To commence with, the biggest problem caused by illegal drugs is the harmful impact they have on the health of individuals. These drugs contain harmful substances that adversely affect the functioning of the human body. With a continuous supply of hazardous substances, people get addicted to them as these drugs hit their minds and lead to life-threatening consequences. For instance, Marijuana is an illegal drug that became very popular among Indian youth and a lot of people lost their lives after overdosing on it. Legalizing all drugs will only aggravate the problem.

To further support my argument, legislations are created for the welfare of people. Many law-abiding citizens refrain from the consumption of such drugs and by making drugs lawful, a wrong message is getting sent to these people. Some people from this section of society will be inclined to try drugs as the lawmakers have green signalled their usage. This will make things worse than classifying these drugs as illegal. A better solution is to enact stronger narcotics laws.

To conclude, permitting the usage of illegal drugs will not solve the existing problems; moreover, it will create more troublesome situations for the public and the authorities. Hence, rather than legalizing all drugs, the government should clamp down on drug mafia.

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