Some People Think That The Only Way To Judge Someone’s Success In Business Is By The Amount of Money They Make | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that the only way to judge someone’s success in business is by the amount of money they make. Is this a true indicator of the success of a business and in what other ways could success in a business be measured?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Many people strive hard to be successful in business. There are many indicators of a successful business. A business that reaps more profits is generally thought to be more successful, but in my opinion, money is not the only parameter of success.

Firstly, it must be agreed upon that making money is one of the primary motives behind starting any new business. Every individual wants to make a good deal of profits out of his investment. Also, a company’s annual profits are very important to pull in other investors into that business and thus achieve its expansion and growth. So, there is no question about money being one of the indicators of success. Having said that, money is not the only measure / indicator of success.

There are other important indicators of a successful business. First comes employee satisfaction. A business may make huge amounts of money but if its employees are unhappy, it is worthless. Also, employee unhappiness will eventually lead to the failure of a company. Secondly, earning name and fame is more important than making money. There are many businessmen who earn respect in the society irrespective of their business turnovers. This is because of the trust they have built over years. Last but not least, customer satisfaction is also an important measure of a successful business.

To conclude, even though profits are an important indicator of success, in my opinion, the reputation and goodwill that a company enjoys are equally if not more important. After all, only a business that earns the loyalty of its employees and customers can stay profitable in the long term.

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4 Responses

  1. Sadaf zahoor says:

    A person’s worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possession old fashioned values such as honor, kindness and trust no longer seem important.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    It is argued that today traditional values like respect, faith and generosity seem not to be as important as social standard and wealth. I totally agrees with that statement because social network and material possession can fulfill the necessities of poor and also help them regarding job.
    Some says that people should be judged on social values because they have enough money for giving aid to any miserable person as a well-wisher. People who are socially connected are not only financially strong, but have also good relations in society which give them a platform, where they can step-up charity foundation. Nowadays many celebrities are working as a social activist as well as involved in different fund raising campaigns. For example, the famous former cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi has recently founded a charity organization for needy and underprivileged families and he received funds easily due to social worth in media.
    The worth of social-status person is important due to strong personal relations in society which helps jobless people. As many employers hired candidates on the basis of source instead of academic degrees, therefore, poor attract to those humans who have wide social circle, contacts and resources. They can help to needy men and women whether by giving them positions, or by economic means. For example, a recent survey by job forum showed that 60% of job applicants are being hired in multinational companies on behalf of social references.
    In conclusion, I believe that money and power are more worth than old-fashioned values because it can give support to poverty-stricken and prosper their lifestyle in a better way.

  2. Senthil says:

    Mam, there are no examples in the essay, yet you are listed under 7.5 band essay category. Examples are mandatory right?

    • ielts practice says:

      Examples are not mandatory. If the essay answers the given topic, there is no need to add examples. Of course, if you can find relevant examples, good. But if you can’t, don’t worry.

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