Some People Think That The Government Should Strictly Control The Supply Of Fresh Water As It Is A Limited Resource | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that the government should strictly control the supply of fresh water, as it is a limited resource, while others it should not be regulated. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The storage and distribution of fresh water is an important responsibility of the government. Every living being has equal rights to the fresh water of river, lakes, ponds and streams. The government should control the supply of fresh water but to what extent is debatable.

The government is tasked with the responsibility of providing fresh water to most of the population and it controls the supply by building dams, canals and large water storage tanks. It serves the main purpose of providing drinking water for the people. The water collected from rivers and lakes has dirt and contaminants and it needs to be purified. Without proper control, storage facility and good supply system put in place by the government, purification is impossible. The government also has to supply water for industries and agricultural lands and it should also generate electricity. Fresh water being so precious and its supply dwindling, it becomes important that the government gets hold of as much fresh water as possible.

Some people may feel that the government should not regulate sources fresh water. Providing people with fresh water is definitely a good cause, but it can also hurt the environment. Construction of the dams leads to the submerging of a large forest area. It displaces many villages, cities and the habitat of wildlife. Since only a small percentage of the population benefits from water projects, people often doubt whether they are meant for the benefit of industries and big corporations. Hence, according to some people just allowing people to use the water sources available to them is a better idea.

In my opinion, the existing control is required. Cities do not always have water sources. Hence, if the government does not build dams and reservoirs, cities cannot function. In rural areas, most people depend on wells and ponds for water and the government does not control them. Rivers and lakes do not belong to any person and the government has all the rights to control their water. Otherwise, cities, industries and farmers will be deprived of water.

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