Some people think that the government should knock down old buildings and make way for new buildings | IELTS essay sample

IELTS Essay Topic: Some people think that the government should knock down old buildings and make way for new buildings. Do you agree or disagree.

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In many countries, the governments are razing down old structures to build new structures in their place. While some people believe that old buildings are an integral part of a city’s skyline, I agree with the argument that they should be demolished to make way for new world-class buildings.

There are ample reasons to state that old buildings should be removed from a city. Firstly, they are often dangerous and unsafe for their inhabitants and the surroundings. Due to their dilapidated conditions such structures are an eye-sore and require a lot of maintenance.
However, if they are razed down, the area can be further developed into world-class buildings which are more in-sync with current times. Secondly, the new buildings can be converted into multi-level offices, malls or even houses making the area more livable for its citizens.
Moreover, in today’s time when space has become a luxury in most countries, such positive changes can bring a sense of relief to the citizens. What’s more, the money spent on maintaining old structures can be better utilized for developing other kinds of infrastructure.

Of course, some people argue that old buildings represent a city’s rich past and razing them down will result in the end of an era. In their opinion, these buildings can be converted into museums or the like. However, in my opinion, it is not possible to convert all old buildings into museums or heritage sites. After all, most of our cities already have enough museums.

To encapsulate, I strongly assert that old buildings and structures should make way for new buildings with better infrastructure for the development of a city and a country.

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