Some People Think That The Government Is Wasting Money On Arts | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be better spent elsewhere.
To what extent do you agree with this view?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Whether art and artists should receive government funding has always been a topic of discussion. Some people opine that instead of wasting money on arts, the government should allocate its funds for the betterment of other sectors. I cannot agree with this opinion. In my opinion art is as important as any other sector and should receive government support.

There are several reasons why the government should spend money on arts. One of the predominant reasons is that art reflects the culture of a country and promotes people’s understanding of their culture and architecture. Secondly, people from outside the country come to see the historical buildings and by maintaining its artistic legacy, a country can encourage tourists to visit again and again. This practice boosts the tourism sector and eventually the economic growth of a country. Thirdly, the art sector employs many people. For example, artists like singers and dancers have huge fan following. Their shows are watched by thousands of people. Such events provide employment to hundreds of people. Without government funding many art forms will die down and that will be a huge loss for the country.

However, spending on arts should not be at the expense of other sectors like education, healthcare or defence. Those are certainly more important and hence should receive more funding. It is just that art should not be neglected.

To conclude, I believe that the government should distribute its funds evenly to all sectors including arts because every sector has its own contribution towards the development of a country.

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  1. Miss Meena says:

    Whether money should be spent or not on arts by government has always been an issue. I think, art is ad important as any other sector and should receive government support.

    There are several reasons why the government should allocate the public find on art. One of the important reasons is that, it reflects the culture of the country and moreover, it promotes public’s understanding of their culture and historic view of construction of building. Secondly, people from other countries come to see their historic side of the country, thus boosting tourism industry. If you take an example of Taj Mahal which is located in Agar, Utar Pradesh, India. The Indian government spends a lot of money for maintenance which makes sightseers visit this place again and again. Moreover, the arts sector employees millions of people. for example artists like singers and dancers have used fan following. Their show are watched by thousands of people. Such events provide employment to the hundreds of people including technical stuff, makeover and many more. Without the support of government many art form will die down and that will be a huge loss for the country.

    On the other hand, available funds could could be put to other use in building more hospitals, roads, schools, and the developing other infrastructures. This means increasing care of the sick and improved transportation to previously inaccessible areas. In the times of COVID-19 made new children are effected by this. For children, it caters for better education facilities.These people believe that art is luxury and many governments cannot afford this expense.

    To conclude, it is clear to me that spending on arts is beneficial both for society and an individual. Therefore, funding arts by government is not a waste of money.

  2. Pavani says:

    In the contemporary era, there is a heated argument over an issue that government funding money on the art is misspend and it would be better if spent developing the society. A Lions share of society favours it, However the rest go averse it. The following paragraphs would elucidate my personal perspective along with an apt example.

    I see eyes to eye with the central idea for various reasons. First and foremost, Art improves the imaginary and cultural values of adolescents if included in acedemic of their school. Therefore, Art helps children to refresh their minds and feel relaxed, which can also create innovative ideas of arts and improve our tradition. For example, Ramya, is one of my friends, who has great knowledge and intrest on paintings, as art is not widely encouraged like all of us she used to join in regular academics which resulted in poor academic performance. She would get better future in art if it has included as a subject in acedemics. As a result, financing on arts is an advantage for adolescents to improve innovation and ancient culture of the nation.

    On the loggers head some critics go against the above discussed assertions.
    Some people think diverting funds from arts would benefit citizens well-being. To substantiate it there is an epitome of funds should be put in building hospitals’ and roads for public, which tends to the safety for people who are sufficiently earning, although there are people who believed in art and made this as their livelihood. Since, these people has no employment from many consecutive years. Moreover, if government spent its monetary resources to art , a multitude of painters,dancers and musicians will definitely benefited and endure to their success as well.Despite, Government should spent money on art galleries, which will attract tourism and avail free entry for art galleries. Thus, spending money on art is more essential to provide employment to artists than putting on developing the society.

    In conclusion, Including art in acedemics make the future generations more innovative and aware of ancient culture. However, spending money on other social activities is not necessary as plethora of people are facing employment problems. I believe, money funded on art is not misspent, government can achieve more income from art galleries and become financially strong.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6 to me. Grammar needs a lot of improvement. You have to change your style of writing too.

  3. Pavani says:

    Thanks for task 2 answers

  4. Pavani says:

    I was not even able to see essay that was posted by me in your comments section ‘let me know the reason for this

  5. alex zabil says:

    Art has become one of the most valuable elements nowadays. The prices of antique or famous paintings are staggering and therefore, the government, to enhance their country, are into the act of buying the most prestigious pieces of art at whopping high amounts. The debate on this case has risen concerns on the fact that the money could be spent on much more important aspects of the world, such as starvation and homelessness. My essay will discuss both points and explain why art should not be the only priority to invest in.

    Painting is a new means of communication with which artists express their own feeling and emotions, without resorting to writing. This means is known to be relative, as the meaning laying behind a painting differs from person to person. Therefore, creativity and imagining play an important role when people come to see outstanding pieces of art. For this reason, the government have decided to spend fortunes on acquiring the most valuable painting around the world, so to enhance the knowledge of the people their country., the most crucial events worldwide were described in the painting, such as the Liberty Leading the People by Eugene, where the expressions and patriotism of the French people can be clearly seen. As for these reasons, the government, and individuals themselves, find it essential to invest in the art as they are the most historical graphical testimonies of events.

    Nevertheless, exaggerating the number of resources spend on art is harmful, not only for the nation but for the entire world. If most of the resources were addressed only in one field, in our case artistic one, then the other problems will remain unsorted. It is universally acknowledged that the earth has numerous problems, and therefore, a proportion of the amount that is invested in arts should be done also on problems such as starvation, homelessness and mostly on diseases such as Malaria and Fungus that are still found in the third world countries. From some recent founding, it was seen that the value of the portrait of the Mona Lisa is estimated to be around 800 million dollars, and numerous countries are interested in acquiring the portrait. But if the same amount was invested in Africa to fight starvation which caused thousands of deaths each year, for example, by diving resources to the individuals so they can start new businesses, the whole world would benefit from it.

    To conclude, resources must be addressed in the artistic field, but at some certain amount, because we are not left with the art only, but also with other problems that still need to be faced.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      The topic does not say anything about buying paintings. How did you come up with that idea? Grammar needs improvement. This seems band 6.5 to me.

  6. It is believed that art has an essential part of the culture of a country. Some people think that the government wasting money on art. It should be better to spend money on other sectors that are worthwhile.
    First and foremost, art represents the culture of a country. Art must be considered as essential as other sectors like health, science, and technology. Arts provides the majority of benefits to the country; it boosts the country’s economy by promoting local and international tourism. Many developed countries like Canada, USA, Russia preserved their artistic legacy and their historic building that reflects their art and culture. Art provides many predominant benefits like it encourages tourism which is good for country economic structure as well as its popularity that will attract a lot of new tourists in the country. Government should be serious about art because it employs people. Government organizes different art programs like exhibitions, art galleries, and cultural programs to attract tourism.
    Secondly, the government should take serious steps to preserve the art and cultural aspect of their nation, because people are much more sensitive about their art and culture. The government allocates the same budget for arts as it spent on health, science, and technology. In addition to that we know about many developed cultures like Canada, the USA and Russia not only preserved their art and culture but also organized art galleries that contain artifacts of a different culture. Like Russia maintain its history of art and culture very well. They organized their artifacts about the war in different museums to attract the tourist community.
    To conclude this, it is good for a country to spend its money to promotes art as money spent on other sectors like tech, science, and health. Just like other sectors if the government encourages art, it will help the government to employ people by organizing different programs related to art.

  7. Rishikesh Salekar says:

    There is a view that the authorities are wasting resources on arts, and these funds can be utilized by investing in other sectors of public interest. I tend to partially agree with this viewpoint. In this essay, I will support this argument with supporting ideas and appropriate examples.
    To begin with, art is a significant part of a country’s culture, and government should invest in it. This is because it is the identity of one’s country, and it helps to bring people together from across the globe. For instance, India is known for its rich arts and culture, and people of different races and castes who are fascinated about it come to India to learn more about it. Moreover, it also partly contributes to the economy as well as creates jobs for the people. Certain studies have found that in South Africa when arts and cultural activities increased, the employment rate went up by 8%. Hence, boosting the economy.
    However, I would argue that Authorities should not overlook other sectors of public welfare. The reason for this is that fields like education and health are of higher significance and governing bodies should spend more on it than arts. To illustrate, the USA utilizes a majority of its funds in education and health care as they are the major contributors to the economy. Whereas, if the authorities do not put an adequate amount of resources in these industries, then the country might not have competent professionals and will face a serious shortage of skilled and highly knowledgeable experts. As a result, this might hamper the growth of the economy and might have an inferior infrastructure in these fields.
    In conclusion, governing bodies should invest in arts, but they should not neglect major segments like education and primary care.

  8. enas says:

    There is no doubt these days spending money on art is becoming a debatable issue. However, it is thought by some that other sectors need money instead of art. I totally disagree with this opinion asI think that government should pay money to the art sector. This essay will discuss the reasons why it is important to spend money on art by the government.

    Firstly, there are many reasons for the importance of art. The main given reason to support this claim is that the art shows the culture and the history of the country. Museums, galleries, and dancing shows represent tourism attractions that provide hard currency to the country. One good illustration of that are the national museum in Khartoum and Al-Khalifa house in Omdurman. They are important tourist places in Sudan, and they bring cash to the country.

    Moreover, art represents a source of entertainment and happiness for people. On vacations and holidays, families spend their time together watching different artistic materials. If there are no cinemas, plays, and dancing shows, the life will be boring. Thus, art is important socially.

    Finally, art is a critical educational method used to deliver good values and disciplines to society. Researches found that people acquire information more easily through movies and series when it is in the form of stories.

    In conclusion, the art sector deserves the money to be spent on it. I strongly disagree that it is wasting of money. As we have seen there is no easy answer to this question.

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