Some People Think That The Best Way To Reduce Crime Is To Give Longer Prison Sentences | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences. Others, however, believe there are better alternative ways of reducing crime. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Crime is a serious problem across the globe and all countries are trying to deal with this pressing issue. A section of the society believe that prison sentences for a longer duration can help to reduce the crime, whilst others disagree and argue that there are other better ways to solve this. This essay agrees with the argument that alternative ways such as educating people and giving them resources to earn are far more beneficial than confining them to a prison cell. This essay will discuss both points of view.

There are a number of people who think that offenders should be punished with longer prison sentences because this phenomenon can invoke / generate fear in a criminal’s mind. In other words, if a person is already aware of the intensity of punishment before committing any crime, it will discourage him from becoming a criminal. For example, in the UAE, the rapist and the murderer usually get lifetime prison sentences, resulting in making people think twice before committing any serious crime. Hence, imposing strict punishment deters people from committing crime.

 However, I believe that alternative ways such as providing proper education facilities and employment can solve the issues far more effectively and I agree with them. Sufficient education and job opportunities keep the masses busy and nobody will try to commit any offence. Furthermore, people / citizens will have some goals in their lives to fulfill, which keeps them away from negative thoughts. To exemplify, in Sweden education is free for everyone and the country’s authority is continuously working for more employment options. That is the reason why Sweden tops the list of peaceful countries.

In conclusion, longer prison terms certainly instill fear in the minds of potential criminals and discourage them from committing crime. However, eradicating the root cause of crime by providing education and employment opportunities is a better option.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 2

Certain people believe that long term imprisonment is the best way to decrease the number of offences / crime in the world while a few others say that there are many other ways to control it. This essay discusses both these views and proves that the longer incarceration is not the solution to reduce the crime rate.

There are some people who see long term prison sentence as a deterrent for criminal activity. They believe that when an offender is sentenced for life, the number of criminals in the society get reduced. As a result, the crime rate will also reduce. However, some others believe that there are many other ways to curb / reduce the crime rate. They suggest the government should take necessary action to improve the life of the convicts when they are inside the prison through rehabilitation program, vocational training and so on.

In my opinion, the society and the government play a major role in controlling the crime. When criminals are imprisoned for many years, their criminal activities are controlled for that period. Once they come out of the jail, due to social exclusion they struggle to adopt a normal life. They are unable to get jobs and houses for rent. So, for earning their livelihood, they are pushed to reoffend. For instance, the criminal police record says that more than 60% of the illegal activity that happens in the world is committed by ex-convicts.  With proper support and guidance from the government and the people criminals can lead a new and a better life. This is the most effective way to reduce the crime rate.

To conclude, long term prison sentences only help to keep the criminal away from the society for the duration of the punishment. Once they are released, they may reoffend. Hence, a better solution is to provide criminals various rehabilitation options so that they can get reintegrated into the society.

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8 Responses

  1. Sreelakshmi says:

    While it is thought by some people that the most effective method to reduce crime is giving longer prison sentences, some others opine that there are a number of other solutions by which the crime rate can be reduced. In my opinion, there are more effective ways to deter people from committing crime.
    It is believed by some people that increasing the prison sentence is the strongest deterrent from committing crime. If people are aware of the consequence of a crime, they do not have the courage to commit it. Moreover, putting criminal people behind the bars for a long would certainly have incredible benefits. This not only helps to create an awareness among people about the consequences of heinous crimes but also people are not getting influenced by interacting with criminals. Hence, the crime rate can be reduced.
    However, some others feel that there are better solutions to tackle the issue of burgeoning growth of crime rate and I agree with them. Firstly, since most number of people commit crime to cater their basic needs, authorities ought to ensure that training programs are offered to ensure that people are getting jobs. In other words, when people are getting employed, they would be able to meet their daily needs. Secondly, more police on the beat would put people off from committing crime. For example, if there are polices on the street, it will aid in reducing the pick pocketing as well as violence. Finally, lack of parental guidance is the main reason for the criminal mentality among children. Getting proper attention from parents and teachers shun the criminal behavior of children.
    To conclude, although increasing the period of prison sentence helps to reduce crime rate, there are numerous effective methods by which the crime rate can be reduced considerably. Increasing the number of polices, ensuring employment and proper guidance from parents as well as teachers are more effective ways to deal with the issue of increasing crime rate.

  2. alicia says:

    It is irrefutable that criminals should be prosecuted. Many people are of the opinion that long imprisonment is an effective way to reduce crime rates. However, others opine that alternative methods could be established to deter them. This essay shall discuss both the views and agrees that the alternative methods should be given based on the type of crime rather than a capital punishment for every crime.

    In the one hand, a crime that could devastate an individual’s life such as manslaughter and rape should be prosecuted with a longer sentence. Moreover, lifelong imprisonment for severe punishments could bring up a fear on people to forbid themselves from these type of criminal atrocities. Nevertheless, the purpose behind the crime should also be taken into consideration for the judgement. For instance, a woman had to save herself from her uncle who attacked her for molestation, in order to escape she banged his head with a knife and he was dead. In these cases, judgement for manslaughter should be based on the reason behind the crime. Criminals should be imprisoned however the duration and sentence should be based on the motive and circumstance. Hence, capital punishment should be given based on the offence and as a result, would reduce severe criminal activities.
    On the other hand, longer punishments are not only the way to reduce crime however, several other measurements could also be taken to prevent people doing them. Government and society could bring up awareness campaigns of criminal laws and punishments that are given for offenders, and this could ameliorate them not to involve in these activities. For example, schools should teach students about the various crimes and their punishments. Learning law from school would prevent children from performing adolescent crimes. Moreover, to reduce crime the optimal way is to teach them the effects on this crime creates in their family and the society.
    To conclude, people believe that longer imprisonment reduce crime. However, alternative ways such as awareness campaigns and teaching students from an elementary level could prevent them from executing crimes. Agglomerating all the points above, the best approach is to provide awareness in society about the crimes and its punishments.

  3. Fatimah says:

    The rising rate of offenses has posed a serious threat towards the government, these days the punishments are made longer than before.This essay will discuss why forming such laws can help the society and I totally believe in this kind of approach.

    Criminals these days find it easy to escape their punishment and hence there is an immense need to form rules that are not flexible. In developing countries, many times the police officers are also involved in crime and serious action must be taken against them. In case if laws are made flexible, the number of criminals would increase, as is seen in case of many countries like in India , Bangladesh, Pakistan.

    On the other hand, other ways of solving this issue would be to give such criminals jobs that would help them progress in their carrier. This will initially reduce the cases of such crimes as the main reason for involvement in such activity is money. Secondly, such people can be educated, this will help them understand right from wrong. Many people who belong to low socioeconomic background tend to end up in such crimes

    To sum up , I believe that by imposing strict laws, crime rate can decrease and both the sides have its own flaws.

  4. Tosha Patel says:

    Crime is a thinkable problem for today’s era and also increasing all over the globe. In first opinion some thinkers are agree with the statement that criminals have to send into the jail for long time. And in other word the group of people and me agree with the other statement that options are available for decreasing crime. This essay will discuss both points of view.
    A large part of people who think that sending criminal to prison for longer time is fair. Because this occurrence can develop fear into criminal’s mind. If person is already known about the punishment for the crime, it could be easy to reduce some kind of crime. For example, In Saudi Arabia the law is very strict about any type of crime. The Government announces very rigid punishment for them. Like cutting their hands, death penalty etc.
    However, I believe that giving a types of education can reduce the crime and far more effectively. Enough Education and Job Opportunities keeps the crowd busy so nobody will try to do any crime. Furthermore, the people are busy to develop some types of goals to fulfill, which keep them away from nuisance and negativity. To give a clear example, Germany has free education for all and the authority is constantly working for more employment. That’s why nowadays students are choosing for Germany for higher education. And also the Germany has zero percentage crime ET al.
    In Conclusion, Longer prison gives some fear in the mind of criminals and put a stop to attempting crime. However, Educating more masses and better employment opportunities is a better option.

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