Some People Think That The Best Way To Become Successful In Life Is To Get A University Education Whereas Others Say This Is No Longer True

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According to some people, getting a university degree is the surefire way to become successful in life. Others, however, insist that it is not necessary to go to university. In my opinion, education will certainly make it easier to achieve success, but it is not a prerequisite.

University education is essential for those who want to achieve success in an academic career. For example, you cannot be a doctor without going to university. In other words, it is not possible to achieve success as a doctor without a university degree. Universities provide knowledge in various subjects and also make students worldly wise. While interacting with people, it is easy to see that those who have a university degree tend to be more sophisticated. They are more knowledgeable and have considerably higher chances of getting employed.

However, success does not always require this knowledge or sophistication. You do not need a degree to become a successful actor, singer, athlete, politician or businessperson. Edison is the greatest inventor of all times. He did not even complete school education. Tendulkar does not have a degree, nor does Dhirubhai Ambani. These are all successful people. They achieved success by dint of their hard work, perseverance and talent. These days, a smartphone camera and a small amount of talent are more than enough to start vloging on the internet and achieve success overnight. Of course, university education makes it easy for talented and hardworking people to achieve success in life. But it is not a must.

To conclude, university education is essential for those who want to achieve success in a career in law, medicine, architecture or teaching. However, it is not essential for success in general. If a person is hardworking, intelligent or talented in some other way, they can achieve success regardless of whether they have a degree or not.

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