Some People Think That Social Networking Sites Have A Huge Negative Impact On Both Individuals And Society | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that social networking sites have a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

In recent years, the use of social media sites has become a widespread trend. Many claim that these sites have a detrimental effect on people and the community. I strongly support this notion, and I will justify my opinion in the following paragraphs with relevant examples.

To commence with, the significant impact that these sites have on people is that young individuals who spend excessive amount of time on web surfing become depressed and isolated from their family. This is because they keep themselves locked in rooms for hours and spend most of their time in playing online games or chatting with strangers. Initially, individuals enjoy this habit. However, with the passage of time they become addicted which leads to isolation. To illustrate further, in India’s metro cities, social-media addiction has become a severe issue, and thousands of people seek medical advice / psychiatric advice to overcome this addiction. Therefore, it is evident that social-media addiction has serious implications for people.

Furthermore, these sites harm our community. The most critical issue is that there is a significant rise in crime in the society which is due to the misuse of social-media websites. Many attackers hack public profiles of celebrities, which has personal data and pictures and then start blackmailing them. Moreover, there are many cases where criminals target teenage boys and girls by creating fake profiles, and once they fall into their trap, they kidnap them and ask for extortion money from their family.

To conclude, it is clear that social-sites have a negative impact on both people and society, as they lead to isolation among individuals and cause more crimes in the community. Therefore, I firmly believe that it is a negative phenomenon and individuals should be more careful while using such websites.

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6 Responses

  1. alza says:

    We have seen a rapid increase in people relying on various online platforms. Many people have an opinion that using social networking sites have an adversarial effect on people and the community. This essay will agree that excessive use of social media can cause deterrent effects; however, limited and practical usage can make life easier.

    On the one hand, people opine that networking platforms have detrimental effects on people due to addiction to social media. Firstly, addicted people waste much time browsing online applications. Hence, they deviate from going for work and studies. For instance, the results in a recent survey taken at the Anna University depicts that low grades of students are due to the use of tiktok. The issue expedited to high court, and hence, the application is banned in Tamilnadu.Moreover, due to the adverse use, it affects the education and career of several students. Secondly, the sedentary lifestyle creates an impact on the person’s health. Moreover, society becomes prone to varied diseases such as obesity and other health-related diseases. Issues mentioned above can be prohibited by limited usage.

    While on the other hand, controlled usage of social media creates more benefits to the people and society. One of the reasons is that it is the most accessible mode of communication to connect across the globe in a short time. For example, Facebook provides a platform to get updates, chat, video call with friends or family anywhere. Another reason is that online studies has become so popular. Applications such as Byjus has created a way to learn things efficiently. As a result, efficient usage enumerates various benefits of the internet.

    To recapitulate, people believe that networking sites have a detrimental effect on society. Agglomerating all the points above essay states that overuse can cause waste of time and a negative impact on lifestyle. Nonetheless, limited usage has more benefits to people and society.

  2. Parvathy R says:

    It is considered by many people that social networking platform have detrimental effect on individuals as well as the society. In my opinion, I completely agree that social media encourage people to spend more time networking with people online and bring lots of negative impact not only to individuals but also to the society.
    Firstly, with the burgeoning growth in the number of people using social networking site, people resort to use telegraphic style to express their emotion. For example, they use emoticons in Facebook and WhatsApp instead of sharing their feelings with anyone. Therefore, it hinders the development of social skills in an individual. Secondly, anonymity encourages people to spread false news. Hence, some people become victims of cyberbullying which can lead to depression in their life. Finally, if children spend more time in social media, they find it hard to concentrate on their studies.
    Spending more time online also has detrimental effects to the society. It detach people from the real world and take them to a virtual world. In other words, society as a whole is becoming increasingly disjointed and fragmented. Another point to consider is that because of the less engagement of people in a social activity, the culture and tradition of society are getting lost. That means, people seem to be ignorant of the importance of the values of the older generations.
    In conclusion, social networking sites have influenced the people and society negatively. The more people spend time on social networking sites, the less they care about people around them and therefore affect the well-being of the society.

  3. Ghazal oberoi says:

    Nowadays presence of social media can be witnessed everywhere, which has a great impact on people and society collectively. Whilst some believe that is largely a negative development, I strongly believe these social networking sites are a wonderful place to be at. In this essay, I shall explain the reasons for standing in favour of these mediums.

    Going by the name of it, social networking sites provide a digital platform to connect with people from across the globe undoubtedly. It brings people closer to each other, despite the physical distances and it does it rather seamlessly with just a few clicks. For instance, in the present times, most of us are still in touch with our high schoolmates, who would have been otherwise forgotten, through our profiles on social websites only. Hence, social media has helped people to stay connected via its network and made the world seem like a small place.

    Another reason for I completely disagreeing with the given notion of criticism of social media, is that it acts as a source of entertainment. In these times of rising stress levels and mental pressures amongst communities, websites like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and WhatsApp provide us the opportunity to escape from these worries for a while. To be specific, I personally pick up my device to sneak into the latest developments in the lives of my family and friends such as how my best friend celebrated her birthday. Further, it also keeps one updated about the recent ongoing trends because of the provision of high-speed content sharing. Thus, due to the mental relief it provides, there are lesser mental stress levels and happier the world is.

    All in all, I stand completely against the school of thought which despises social networking sites and its importance in today’s world. People are reaping its benefits which outweigh its negative consequences far too much and it is mainly a win-win situation.

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