Some People Think That Secondary School Children Should Study International News As A School Subject | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that secondary school children should study international news as one of the school subjects. Other people think that it is a waste of valuable school time. What do you think? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

With the advent of globalisation, every part of the world is interconnected with one another. While many people suggest that students must learn about international news in their academic curriculum, others opine that it is a complete waste of time studying foreign news. Personally, I agree with the former view and will be elucidating both views along with mine in the upcoming / following paragraphs.

To commence with, there are multifarious benefits to studying global news in classrooms. First, as the world has become a global village events happening in the  far distant places can create a mammoth effect domestically. For instance, economic recession in 2008 in the USA had an adverse effect on Indian economy and foreign reserves. Therefore, students need to have thorough / comprehensive knowledge of global affairs and how they are linked nationally. Apart from this, students get a lot of motivation when they hear / learn about new researches and developments happening in the developed countries. In fact, hundreds of students in India have shown interest to join NASA just because of such awareness campaigns teaching about breakthrough inventions happening in the world of space.

On the flipside, there are those who assert that students / pupils are already overburdened because of their academic subjects and pestering them to learn international news will further add pressure on their young minds. Consequently, they will lose time for sports and other extracurricular activities. Regrettably, this will pave way to a sedentary and passive form of lifestyle. Howbeit, I believe that in this contemporary era, global and local news are inextricably intertwined to each other. Thus, no extra effort is needed to learn about foreign events. For example, when studying about climate, students need to be aware of geographical variations on the earth, then only then will they understand the seasonal changes of their country better.

To recapitulate, although having one more subject as world news can add pressure on students, learning about all the meaningful events happening across the borders certainly augments the intellectual level of students. Hence, they need to understand global affairs more precisely and profoundly.

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