Some People Think That Schools Have To Be More Entertaining, While Others Think That Their Sole Purpose Is To Educate | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that schools have to be more entertaining, while others think that their sole purpose is to educate. Which do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Schools utilize various approaches to educate their pupils. Some people suggest that it is best to adhere to conventional teaching practices, while others assert that it is better to promote learning through interactive and entertaining methods. I believe that the latter approach is superior to the former as long as schools do not lose focus on imparting quality education.

Learning requires discipline, and therefore it makes sense that many schools maintain a strict classroom environment. Teachers stick to the curriculum, using textbook explanations and examples. The aim seems to be focused learning to achieve greater success in examinations. While this practice promotes better behavior in students, it does not always ensure better performance. On the contrary, it can result in boredom and decreased attention span.

Moreover, it is commonly observed that strict schooling discourages and depresses some students. In contrast, schools that stress upon interactive learning ways show increased rates of student feedback and participation in classes. Students, especially young pupils, tend to learn faster if they are taught with visual aids or fun exercises. This practice not only improves understanding and comprehension, but also contributes to better memory and recall. Therefore, it can prove very useful to include imaginative exercises, discussions, audio and visual lectures, documentaries and quizzes, among other ways, to promote better learning in entertaining ways. This is supported by a recent study conducted in UK high schools, which showed that interactive learning, boosted student performance by as much as 45%. In addition, including subjects such as arts, crafts, sports and music is a good way to balance the curriculum and thus make it more enjoyable for students.

Overall, I believe it is best for teachers to use innovative methods to ensure the finest learning experience for students. In this way, schools can impart the best education to their students while promoting physical health and developing imagination.

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