Some People Think That Robot Technology Is Very Important For Our Future | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that robot technology is very important for our future. Others believe that robots are a dangerous invention and have negative effects on society. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Thanks to the great advances in artificial intelligence, robot technology has benefited our society in various ways, and these benefits are believed to continue in the future. However, some people think that robots are a perilous innovation threatening human beings. Here in this essay, both views will be discussed before my opinion is presented.

One the one hand, robots are feasible substitutions for human labor in many fields. In surroundings that are unsafe for the employment of human labor, robots play an irreplaceable part in replacing workers today. For instance, they can be used effectively to remove radioactive wastes in nuclear power plants or complete tasks impossible for astronauts in the space stations. In addition, it is more productive for robots to perform trivial and repetitive jobs. The best example is industrial robots. They can work on an assembly line more efficiently than humans because they are tireless, fast and accurate. As robotic technology develops further, robots will be able to do more, benefiting human society in the upcoming years.

On the other hand, the widespread use of robots has inevitably raised concern. Firstly, some people are quite skeptical about robots as they dread that one day these machines will become too intelligent to be controlled by humans. That would mean disasters for the human being. Another worry is that they would cause massive unemployment. Due to the adoption of various types of robots, there are thousands of workers who are laid off. Such a large unemployed population can pose a potential threat to social stability.

My view is that robots will become an indispensable part of the technology-dominated age. If used correctly, they can serve as efficient servants and make our future lives more fantastic.

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9 Responses

  1. kamal says:

    Technology nowadays is a biggest concern before every country. Some people using technology for new inventions to help others whereas some peoples are using this to harm others. Specially when it comes to robotic technology government use to think a lots of time before implementing this technology. I agree with the given statement that robotic technology is so much useful for our future growth. So i will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages in next paragraph.

    One on one hand, with the help of robots or robotic machines we are doing big and heavy work easily. It directly reduces the human effort and time. A heavy work can took place by spending less time and effort. They can work on chain supply without any breakage because they are tireless. They perform their work very accurate and efficiently.

    On second hand some peoples thinks that if robots will do the all the work it will cause unemployment. It only follows the given input signals sometimes which can be wrong, whereas a men on work can use his own mind to maintain accuracy or output. Adoption such kind of robots, there are thousands of workers who are laid off. A large population can pose a potential threat to social life.

    To conclusion I would like to recommend to use of robots or robotic machines for our future growth. Because it directly reduce human effort and can perform heavy work easily if it is implemented correctly.

  2. Parvathy R says:

    While some people believe that the robot technology is of paramount importance for our future, some others opine that robotic invention is dangerous and has detrimental effect on the society. In my opinion, robot technology brings incredible benefits to our future and hence is extremely important.
    One the one hand, some people think that robot technology are inevitable for our future and I agree with them. It is undeniable that robots make life not only easy but also comfortable. In the fast paced life, getting everything done so quickly is much needed as people find it extremely difficult to manage their time. Also, people give value to their comfort and this trend will only increase in future. Another point to consider is that humans are prone to make mistakes whereas robots are precise if they are programmed correctly. Therefore, advancement in robot technology can be made use in the medical fields. For example, robots could be programmed to check patient for their blood pressure, sugar level and heart beat accurately.
    On the other hand, it is thought by some people that robotic invention can adversely affect the culture and wellbeing of the society. Firstly, when robots replace humans in certain tasks, there is less face to face interaction among people which will make the society increasingly disjointed and fragmented. Hence, the culture of the society is affected. Secondly, if robots are capable of doing human tasks, there will be a burgeoning growth in the number of people losing their job. This can increase the unemployment rate in the society and there would be a fierce competition in the job market.
    To conclude, even though there are some minor drawbacks with robotic invention, our future is really benefited by robot technology.

  3. Dinh Cong Anh says:

    It is thought by some that it would be extremely dangerous for people to invent robots that may pose a huge threat to human extinction. While this could be true to a certain extent, I am of the view that robots could also have a positive impact on our development in the foreseeable future.
    There are two main reasons why people concur that robots could have an adverse influence on our society. The most visible would be that every coin has two sides, so does technological advances. As a result, people can take advantage of this invention as a way to commit crimes, severely threatening the security and stability of the whole community. Moreover, from my point of view, sci-fi movies with regard to the dominance of robots on Earth in many years to come may negatively affect numerous viewers. Consequently, such pessimists are more likely to raise their voices in order to oppose this improved technology.
    However, in my view, the upsides of robots should not be overlooked. This is because countless activities such as marine exploration and space researches that can put people’s health at risk could be performed effectively by programmed robots in some ways. Also, with the number of the human population becoming increasingly significant, robots could be an excellent method that can make it easier than ever for manufacturers to increase productivity to meet human basic needs. Last but not least, the use of robots in the military can help small nations like Vietnam to balance the power with great enemies. Without a doubt, this might be a useful solution to bring peace to the world.
    In conclusion, although I do not deny the importance of robots, I still believe that they could bring several benefits to our society as a whole.

  4. Lanna says:

    Many of the technologies we are taking for granted today are originated thanks to robotic inventions. They have influenced our lives in countless positive ways, however, many arguments have been made for and against this invention. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of views and present my opinion accordingly.
    Nowadays very few of the clothes available in shops are handmade. This is primarily because of the increased labor costs associated with manual work compared to the efficient processing and production of modern machinery. Robots have played an increasingly important role in modern industries from cooking meals and hotel services to vehicle assemble and space research. While the advent of the robot has led to dramatic changes in the traditional jobs market, for example, some of the easy tasks which do not require a lot of skills, such as assembly and packaging, are more likely to operate by robots. As a result, many people are losing their jobs due to these smart inventions.
    However, I am in agreement with the viewpoint about its benefits, though I concede it has a dark side. There is a range of employment opportunities that are available due to the invention of the robot, the engineer and programmer are examples of new jobs that have been created in knowledge industries. Moreover, a rapid increase of the aging population has become a dominant form in modern society, which means there are fewer working-age people in the economy. It is no longer realistic for expanding businesses by a large number of laborers like in the past.
    To conclude, even though both arguments have validity, but it is my belief that the beneficial forms of robotic invention far outweigh any negative repercussions, such as the change of the modern jobs market.

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