Some People Think That Punishment Is Essential In A Child’s Education, While Others Think Rewards Would Be Better | Band 7 IELTS Letter Sample

Some people think that punishment is essential in a child’s education, while others think rewards would be better. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The question of whether rewards work better than punishments often arises. Many believe that punishment produces the best results, whereas others feel reward based learning is more effective. I am of the belief that motivation through reward is better that motivation through fear.

For centuries, many parents have considered corporal punishment as the most effective way of correcting their children when they neglect their studies and they have their own reasons to believe so. Most children have a propensity to engage in mischievous acts or spend too much time playing. For example, they may skip homework to play video games or they may bully their younger siblings or even classmates. In such situations, words of advice may fail to correct the child and they might need some punishment.

However, the usefulness of this means relies on guardians’ authority which will decline gradually with the increment in their children’s age. Therefore, I believe that when children are rewarded for good work, it has a motivating effect which makes children want to replicate their success and receive another reward. This even motivates other children who are prone to misbehave in class to behave properly so that they can also receive the reward. When taught in an environment where hard work is praised, children feel confident to experiment with different ways of problem solving and thus develop important critical thinking skills, which are of great benefit to them later in life.

In conclusion, while punishment is useful in improving children’s deeds, educators should offer praise and rewards for excellent performance and encouragement to those who still have room to improve.

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