Some People Think That Parents Should Teach Children To Be Good Members Of The Society | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of the society. Others, however, believe that the school is the best place to learn this. Discuss both views and give own opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Man is a social being and no one can exist as an island. While some people hold the view that parents have the responsibility to teach their children to become a good member of the society, others feel that the school is the best place to learn social values. In my opinion, both the parents and the teachers have an indispensable role in shaping the character of their children.

Firstly, parents are the primary teachers and home is the first school where the personality development of children is initiated. From birth to preschool children are under the sole custody of their parents. They imitate the actions of their parents and for this reason it is important for parents to become a good role model for their children. Parents are the best people to teach them the concept of good and bad. When they are taught to make this distinction from a young age, they are unlikely to go astray when they grow up.

However, parents are not the only influence on children. Teachers at school have an equally important role to play in the formation of their character. The school is essentially a microcosm of the universe. Here the children get to interact with other children of different character, personality and family backgrounds. This exposure that they get at school plays a crucial role in the formation of their parents. It is the duty of parents to instil in them the values of discipline and social commitment.

To conclude, parents and teachers both have an equally important role in moulding the character of children. In my opinion, their roles are complementary.

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4 Responses

  1. Saba says:

    Some people hold the opinion/view that mother and father must impart morale values in their offspring. whereas, others opine that it is educational institutions are the best place to learn social values. As per my opinion, parents are prime responsible for it as early age learning be with person for entire life. Addition to this school is also liable to teach manners to students as children spend most of their time in school.
    On the one hand, parents are primary teachers for their toddlers. Any child’s initial learning start from home. They observe family member’s behaviors and inculcate it. When children learn to distinguish between different behavior and manner at early age, it last with them forever and it helps them to become a respectable person in society. For example, Children who start learning any extra curriculum activities at the age of 2years are turns amateur.
    On the other hand, teachers are also having equally important role to play in formation of child character because kids spend most of their time in school. Along with academics, ethics and manners should be taught in school. Children are face of any school and how they behave in society helps to build goodwill of that institute. For instance, Teachers have special influence on children, so it is their duty to mould children into better person.

    In conclusion, as per my point of view parents and teachers both plays vital role to nurture children and implant ethics and values in them in order to create better individual for society.

  2. Dhananji says:

    Children are the precious of parent’s life. Once kids born, parents do what ever they can for the sake of their children. Moreover, evey parents anticipate that their kid will be a good person of the society. Thus, to obtain the best education, they try to send offsprings to the best school of the city. However, certain people believe that parents should teach children how to be a good person of the society while other people consider that school is the place. I believe that , parents and school both , have the resonsibility on this and I will discuss further in this essay.

    According to The Buddha, someone’s first teachers are his or her parents. Thus, little kids imitate their parents at home and they learn new things following their father and mother. In order to convay the correct behaviours or life patterns, its parents responsibity. On one hand, parents provide food, clothes, toys etc.. and on the other hand they must fill their offsprings lives with love, care and joyfullness. Furthermore, early childhood is a crucial period of a kids life and western countries has paid more attention on this segment. In this age, kids collect all the good and bad things that they see and because of that early childhood care should be done under special care. As the first place of learning and cognitive activites, parents are playing a major role of kids life. For instance, how to eat properly, how to talk nicely, how to behave etc.. kids are taught by parents and these are imparative when they become adults and while conform with the society.
    Furthermore, when a kid turn into 5 or 6, they tend to go to the school and gain the academic knowledge. Moreover, this is the first place that children interact with outside world. They meet new friends with different characteristics and distict qualities. Apart of that, they learn many new educational stuffs. In this case, teachers are the ones who spend the time with children at the school and thus teachers also have a vital role in kid’s life. Teachers, teach them enhance the qualities of life as well as academic skills. Apprently, teachers guide them to fulfil life goals with the accure knowledge.
    In conclusion, to be honest, I believe that parents as well as teachers are both play key element of someone’s life and both are imparative while create a good person to the society.

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