Some People Think That Modern Technology Is Making People More Sociable | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that modern technology is making people more sociable, while others think it is making them less sociable. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

According to some people technological innovations have made people more sociable; however, others disagree with that view. In my opinion modern technology is making people more sociable but at the same time it hinders the face to face interaction among people. I will explain my view in this essay.
On the one hand, it is an irrefutable fact that modern technology has shrunk our big planet earth into a small global village. Now it is possible for a person to contact his kith and kin who are sitting on the other side of the planet with the use of the internet and mobile phones or laptops on a regular basis. This frequent contact among family members and friends strengthens the bond. Moreover, with the advent of fast transport systems / services like metro trains, bullet trains and flights the distance and travel time has minimised and it is now possible for people to visit their relatives living in other countries or states more frequently. Obviously, technology has increased the interactions among people.

On the other hand, sometimes, children and adults become so obsessed with technology that they avoid in-person interaction with their relatives and friends. Children become so engrossed with new gadgets that they avoid spending time with their parents and friends. What is more, with the advent of e-commerce and various other websites now people are able to buy commodities of daily need or pay their bills online and this again has limited the actual interaction among people.
To conclude, I reiterate that modern technology has given people a platform to stay in touch with their loved ones but at the same time it has taken out face to face interactions from the equation.

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  1. Sama sam says:

    Q: some people think that modern technology is making people more sociable, while others think it is making them less sociable. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Some people believe that advanced technology enable people to interact more with others while some think that it prevent us from engaging. The impact of advancement in technology on modern life is unmeasurable. In this essay I will discuss both views and give my opinion.

    On the one hand, modern technology has blessed us with advanced communication tools that has simplified the way people communicate and I agree. It includes electronic mails, fax, smartphones, social networking applications, internet etc. while sitting in the comfort of their home one can interact with people around the globe using smart gadgets and internet rather than engaging with only friends and family locally as was the practice in old days. Furthermore it allows making new friends and connect with people sharing same interests. For instance I joined a facebook group for ielts preparation that had members from around the world, who shared knowledge and helped each other to achieve their goal. Moreover it is now easier to stay in contact with family and friends as compared to the past through social networking applications. Whenever I wish, I can call my parents overseas using video calling application like skype in mobile.

    On the other hand, some people believe that modern technology has made us isolated. As people spend more time in the virtual world so they are disconnected from the real world, as a result they avoid going out in parks and local clubs to meet people. In a recent study on the impact of technology on adult psychology, it was revealed that inspite of being entertained and less bored, majority of people were found depressed due to lack of face to face interaction with people. Technological advancement though keeps us entertained and open to the world yet ironically keep us less attentive to people closest to us.

    In conclusion, despite people having different opinion, I believe that advancement in technology has provided us with alternate and more quicker ways of being social and enabled us to engage with people both locally and globally.

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    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. You have to ensure that your verbs agree with the subjects. That means you have to use a plural verb with a plural subject and a singular verb with a singular subject.

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