Some People Think That Manufacturers And Shopping Malls Should Sell Fewer Packaged Goods

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According to some people, manufacturers should use less packaging and supermarkets should promote products that come without much packaging. However, others opine that choosing products that come with minimal packaging is the responsibility of consumers. In my opinion, all the parties concerned have a role to play in reducing the amount of packaging.

Manufacturers often use excessive packaging to make their products look more attractive. They use this strategy to entice buyers. Unfortunately, this practice is bad for the environment. It does not matter whether they use cardboard or plastic, excessive packaging hurts the environment in many ways. For instance, in order to produce the cardboard used for packaging, more trees have to be cut down. Plastic packaging is even worse because plastic is non-degradable. It will remain in the soil for hundreds or thousands of years. If plastic packaging is carelessly disposed, it can reach water bodies where it will cause aquatic animals to choke on it. If plastic is burnt, it releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. Hence, the argument that manufacturers should use less packaging certainly makes sense.

However, manufacturers alone cannot make a difference. They are often forced to use more layers of packaging because customers tend to prefer goods wrapped in attractive packets. Until they give up this obsession, producers and supermarkets will resort to heavy packaging. Media can play a huge role in creating awareness about the harmful consequences of using several layers of packaging. In their promotional campaigns manufacturers can also emphasize the fact that they are using less packaging as a sign of their commitment to nature and request the cooperation of buyers. Such campaigns will help create awareness and encourage more and more people to opt for products coming with eco-friendly packaging.

In conclusion, excessive packaging hurts the environment and hence it should be avoided. In my opinion, this is not something manufacturers or supermarkets alone can accomplish. Consumers also need to show a preference for products with minimal packaging.

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