Some People Think That It Would Be Better For Large Companies And Industries To Move To Regional Areas Outside Urban Centers | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that it would be better for large companies and industries to move to regional areas outside large urban centers. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

It is often thought by some that large companies and industries will benefit more if they move from urban centers to rural areas. In my opinion, the advantages that the companies and the public receive from this outweigh any disadvantages.

The primary benefit for companies shifting from highly populated city centers to less populated rural areas is that they get enough space for the disposal of their waste. By doing so, air, water and noise pollution caused by large scale industries can be reduced. Also, industrial wastes can be properly disposed of without disturbing the environmental equilibrium. In addition, with the development of factories and other enterprises in remote areas, local people get a plethora of job opportunities which eventually lead to poverty eradication. A recent study by the University of Mumbai found that 80% of employers in the countryside prefer employees from the local areas and this has made a drastic change in rural people’s living standards over the last four years.

Admittedly, there are some disadvantages to companies moving from city centers to suburbs. As transportation facilities and availability of resources and raw materials are less in these regional areas, production may be affected at some stages. Obviously, this paves the way for loss of revenue during the initial stages. Furthermore, the consumer base may not be as large as that in cities and towns which may even cause economic crisis to some industries at certain stages of development.

In conclusion, industries and companies in rural areas help entrepreneurs to flourish their business without threatening the environment. This would also benefit many people with employment opportunities. Hence, I think minor loss of revenue during the initial phase of shifting to regional areas is not significant when compared with the advantages.

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  1. SINA says:

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  2. P.B says:

    Nowadays, the occurrence of globalization is spanning all over the world. Despite being beneficial for the world’s economy in general, its detrimental effects are inevitable. In this essay, both sides of this problem will be discussed.
    On the one hand, globalization has contributed to the development in economy of numerous countries. Firstly, the ways to other nations are more accessible than in the past, thus stimulates tourist industry to expand and therefore more employment opportunities are created. In addition, foreign companies, which are the result of global investment, also offer a wider range of jobs. Secondly, globalization allows companies to obtain more cost-effective ways for production, and global competition between these business organizations will lead to more reasonable prices. Consequently, consumers are the biggest beneficiaries as they can live on money.
    On the other hand, the drawbacks coming from globalization should be paid attention. The elimination in the global cultural diversity may happen when customs and behaviors from some countries are imitated extensively, mostly by youngsters. For example, Korean styles and Western countries’ films and music are adored by myriad young fans, as a result local traditional values may be neglected, even some UNESCO heritage sites. Moreover, globalization is the origin of the emergence in large-scale international crimes. For instance, criminals easily absconding over borders or danger from international terrorist groups are big obstacles which make police struggle to handle.
    To sum up, globalization has already played an crucial role in the simultaneous evolution of different countries. However, its considerable consequences should not be allow to fester in order to help globalization extend its advantages best.

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