Some People Think That It Is Better To Educate Boys And Girls In Separate Schools | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

We know that education system plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our children. Many people believe that children should study in gender-specific schools whereas some argue that co-educational schools bring more benefit. This essay will discuss both sides and give my own opinion.

There are several positive aspects to teaching children / students in mixed schools. One of them is that boys and girls learn about how to respect each other. These schools help them to understand that both genders have equal rights and positions in society. For example, mixed education systems conduct a lot of extra-curricular activities to prove that boys and girls have the same potential to accomplish tasks. Another reason is that co-ed schools educate boys and girls to work in diversification. These schools educate how to understand a different gender in terms of biological factors, emotions and behaviors. Overall, mixed schools allow boys and girls to understand and respect each other in a society.

On the other hand, same sex schools have their own merits. These schools can spend time in educating one gender with more focus and can also teach students with new methodologies based on the gender.  For instance, a research from Oxford University shows that girls perform better in mathematics if they get lessons through real- life situations. Another benefit is that teachers do not hesitate to discuss the gender specific topic while teaching. To illustrate, I remember that reproduction cycle chapter from my school days. My biology instructor had to take a separate class for boys as she was embarrassed to discuss the topic in the class of mixed students. Therefore, same sex schools open a channel for teachers to widen their teaching skills and give liberty to discuss the study materials.

In conclusion, both types of schools have their own merits. I personally feel that co-ed schools are more beneficial because they enable boys and girls to work together in different areas of education. This helps them to grow in their future profession or careers.

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7 Responses

  1. In education system, some sections of the society opine that the education should provide separately on the basis of gender in schools while, others disagree. According to me, the co-education system is much beneficial than teach seperately and I will discuss about its various reasons in the upcoming paragraphs.

    Initiating with, the possible advantages of co-education system. Thr most significant is that, it enhance the confidence level of students whether they are girls or boys. In explanation, if girls/boys should educate seperately then it may bring fear among them to talk with other gender,which makes them less confident Or hesitative. Along with it, by cooperative education students have more ideas regarding any issue which help them to tackle the problem easily. Secondly, it is also an important source of realising about maturity facts among genders and it can also make students to understand about the feelings and views of both genders.

    In addition to this, as past when girls felt insecure from boys is totally demolished by providing uni-sex education. As well as providing seperate education to girls and boys might be cause of discrimination in society and it will again take people in the stage where girls judged than boys. However, some people having orthodox thinking wants to educate their children in seperate gender-based schools because they think in this way their children feel much safer or secure especially the girls, and in some sense it is right,due to occuring regular rape cases in schools and no one guardian want this with their pupils.

    To conclude, it is clear that the co-education system is the best way to enhance confidence, horizons of ideas and to reduce discrimination than the seperate education.

  2. Dishank says:

    It is often discuss in various ways that boys and girls should be teach in different schools while many suggests that co-education has very advantages. Though, I believe now, it should be mandatory to educate children in co-education schools and colleges. The subsequent paragraphs discuss this topic further.
    Firstly, one group of people believe that teaching males and females separately helps them to focus on their education. They often say that it can bring core strength in physical and mental state, it will not distract children’s concentration and will allow them to do some extra curriculum activity. For example, a light weight boxing champion says in his interview that studying in single sex school help him to focus on his passion and that drives him to this top position in boxing.
    On other side, numerous experts believe that government should now make it compulsory to studying in mixed school and college. As they say, it individually help children to grow in different prospects, by understanding opposite gender nature and the way to approaching any task, because eventually both males and females have it’s own capability for conducting such tasks. In addition, as per research male and female hormones work in every distinct manner, which allow them to do activities in different ways. For instance, a successful businessman, Mr. Manoj says in his interview that in college time whenever he feels inferior, his girlfriend motivate him and gives courage to perform well, which is now his wife. So, he gave all the success credit to his wife.
    To conclude, studying in single sex school has it’s own way of merits. Although, I would suggest to approach co-education method, which allow children to determine gender equality and culture.

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