Some People Think That It Is Better To Choose Friends Who Always Have The Same Opinion As Them | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that it is better to choose friends who always have the same opinion as them. Others believe it is good to have friends who sometimes disagree with you. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Choosing a friend and maintaining that friendship is crucial for staying mentally healthy. Some believe that friends should accord with them on every single topic while others view disagreement as beneficial and even constructive in certain situations. In this essay, I will discuss both opinions and give my own opinion.

To start with, opinions form characters and similar beliefs signify same characters. One of the advantages of having a friend with similar / same beliefs is that you can share hobbies and maintain your amity without fretting over quarrels and their grave repercussions. For instance, friends who agree that gambling in a poker game is ethically unproblematic can spend long hours together getting pleasure from the game without having to worry about the pangs of conscience. If these two friends had different stances towards poker, they would not be able to enjoy the game together.

However, discord in friendship is essential for vital decisions in your life. Disagreement can shed light on those aspects of life you are unaware of and this can lead to success. For instance, while pondering over immigrating to Canada a couple of years ago, I sought consultation from friends who disagreed with me on dozens of issues. Despite this, I found their suggestions about employment opportunities practical as they enlightened me about the issues I had neither foreseen on my own nor received from friends similar to me in character. Had I not listened to their differing opinions, I would not have been able to find a proper job in such a short time after landing in Canada.

In conclusion, there are certainly benefits to having friends who share the same values and opinions as us; it is equally important to have friends who can offer a different perspective on things.

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2 Responses

  1. Ritesh says:

    Many people like to have a friend with same views as them whereas others believe that its better to choose friendship with a person who does not always agree with us. Friends and their opinion plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. In my perspective, it is always beneficial to choose friendship with an individual who has an honest opinion and same views.

    Many individuals prefer alliance with that person who has same thought process. A person with a same thinking often shares same hobbies and life goals. This creates a never ending bond between them. It also helps in creating a synergistic effect because all of them are in pursuit of a common goal and can help each other. For instance, a person going to the gym prefers a companion who likes to workout. This often motivates them to help each other through out their gruelling workout sessions. Moreover, they can also share their feelings which cannot be discussed with their parents. For example, a person having a shortage of money can often take help of his friends.

    Conversely, some believe that while a person may not always agree with us, yet he should always be straightforward and honest. This person always applies the logical reasoning to a given situation and may provide his opinion irrespective of the outcome. For instance, a person who is non smoker may warn others of the negative consequences of smoking and may even refrain us from doing so. While this person may have a similar interest like exercising or playing game, yet he will not take those decisions which could lead to disastrous results in future.

    To conclude, friendship has a vital role to play in everyone’s life. In my opinion, to grow and succeed, it is always better to have a company of those who have honest and similar views.

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