Some People Think That Instead Of Preventing Climate Change We Need To Find A Way To Live With It | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Significant climate changes have been observed in many places in the world. Some people believe that figuring out a way to adapt to the changing climate rather than preventing it from happening is the best solution to this problem. In my opinion, I agree with this statement to some extents. I think people should try to mitigate the negative effects caused by climate change so that they can live with it. Meanwhile, they should also take some measures to prevent it from getting worse.

There is no denying the fact that people need to find a way to live with climate change because it has already happened.We cannot actually prevent something that has already happened. All people must accept the truth that climate change has brought about a variety of negative impacts on us / the environment.For example, the temperature is increasing and the sea level is rising. Finding a way to mitigate the demerits of these phenomena is, therefore, critical to human beings. Only in this way, the development of human society will not be inhibited by the effects of climate change.

While it is impossible for us to prevent the climate change that has already happened, it does not mean that we can allow the situation to get worse. People still need to find out the reason of climate change and try to come up with a practical solution to prevent it from getting worse. If we ignore the problem and focus on adapting to the change, climate change will get worse. The more severe the climate change, the more difficult it is for us to deal with it. We have to adopt some measures to prevent it from being unmanageable. Otherwise, the world may suffer from a catastrophic consequence.

To conclude, we have to admit the fact that the climate change has already happened and therefore we must find a way to adapt to it. However, a series of prevention measures still need to be figured out to avoid the predictable worsening of the situation in the future.

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