Some People Think That Illegal Internet Downloads Are Having A Negative Impact On The Music Industry | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that illegal Internet downloads are having a negative effect on the music industry. Others feel that they have little or no impact on artists. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Illegal downloading of music from the internet has become a trend nowadays. Although some people believe that such activity does not affect the artists, I think that it will impact the music industry negatively.

On the one hand, it is argued that artists will not be financially affected by illegal downloads on the internet. Some people opine that they have multiple sources of income. Even though the consumers do not pay for their songs, they can still earn their money through endorsements. Therefore, it is said that as long as people continue to listen to their music by legal or illegal means, they will still be famous and able to earn their living somewhere else.

On the other hand, I believe that this will significantly affect the music sector as a whole. Firstly, in my opinion, a lot of production studios may not be sustainable if consumers do not pay for their products. Recording music incurs high production costs because it involves many professionals such as singers and composers. If they do not have enough source of income due to illegal downloading, they will not be able to survive in this competitive market in the long term. I also think that this will discourage the artists who spent hours in creating good music for their audience. They may feel that their songs are not appreciated and therefore, de-motivated to continue composing wonderful songs and quit the jobs. As a result, the music industry will become a sunset field due to lack of talents.

In conclusion, although many artists do not rely only on one source of income, I still believe that downloading music online without paying for it will cause the whole industry to slow down and production studios will not survive in the future.

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4 Responses

  1. simar says:

    The trend of downloading free music from the internet is increasing day by day. The dark clouds of piracy are affecting the music industry. Much has been said about its negative effect on the music industry. Much more has been said about its zero effect on the artists or the music composers. In my opinion, downloading free music can have a negative impact on the music industry on a high scale and thus it should be banned.

    Music is an art and a lot of hard work is put in to produce a good quality of music.These days many websites on the internet offers free downloading of the music. People like to go to these sites and download music. It is not right to download someone hard work for free. If it continue to happens lot of the music composer and artists are going to lose their job or quit music industry because of not much earning. Many good singers who cannot afford to produce a music will be disspointed and quit their profession as a singer, which is a huge loss for the music industry.

    On the other hand, artists get free endoresement and also gets hire for the multiple stage shows. Many artists who do not get much recognization on payed platfrom, gets good followers on the free websites and become famous. Once an artist become famous they have a lot of options for earnings for example:doing advertisement for famous brand. Similarly , the artists who does not become famous lose a lot amount of fortune to the free downloading.

    To conclude, it can be said that, eventhough artists have other means of earnings but not all artists reaches that level of popularity to use those means for earnings and quit their profession as singer. And if there are not many singers and music composer to produce music, consequently music industry is going to effect and hence free downloading of music should be banned.

  2. Rakesh Reddy says:

    Songs are the basic rejuvenating source for many people. There are multiple platforms to listen songs and also to download. Internet is the main resource for many of us to download music. But a large number of users tend to go for illegal downloading rather than paid subscriptions/authentic registrations. These masses support their actions and tend to feel that this won’t affect the artist. But some users feel this is ethically wrong and this declines the reputation of the industry.

    In this essay I will try to support the first group of people who bound to the authentic registration and will try to express my disagreement to the latter’s thought.

    There are multiple artists who are trying to make their career in the entertainment industry by singing, composing writing songs. The expenditure is limitless and some spend from their savings while others find sponsors. These artists have to register with the entertainment houses and recording labels to showcase their talent to the masses. Practically if we analyse the situation money plays major role so to support their talent as audience we must give respect to their work by contributing to them. Different online platforms are available to listen and download music, which legally deal with the artists and pay them royalty for their work. This settlement between them helps to survive and grow more in future.

    When audience go for illegal downloads by accessing cloned websites/apps which doesn’t have any agreement with the creator/artist, this will not help the fresh talent to emerge and anyone can easily copy their work and showcase it as their own. Social media sites like YouTube, facebook, instagram are the basic example where we have number of fresh talents have their own pages where they upload their work. When a user visits to these pages and access the material, it helps them to increase their views, likes by which they earn economically and also reach large number of masses.
    But there are copycats who do not have any agreement with the particular artist but adds content from multiple sources for their own benefit. These people gradually decrease the flow of viewers to the original creator and which slows down the growth of main artist. And in some cases these copycats even merge the different songs or even mix the music of a particular song by changing the lyrics and pose the work as their own. In this way the authenticity of the work will no longer exist.

    So in my view as a responsible audience and to give respect towards the hard work of the many talented people working to create beautiful and soothing songs, we have to stop illegal internet downloading of songs.

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