Some People Think That High School Students Should Be Taught Money Management | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that secondary or high school students should be taught money management because it is an important life skill. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Learning to spend money wisely is important for every adult. Some people suggest that money management lessons should be made compulsory for high school students. In my view, It is necessary to do so.

Like time management, financial management is also a core skill for success. Like time, money is a limited resource which people should learn to use more efficiently. Having the right attitude towards money can increase young people’s opportunities for success. For example, saving money for investment, education and charity purposes can make a difference to young adults and others in society. If students can learn to spend money on the right things and  save it for the future, then they can make the most of it when they start earning.

Money management is necessary not only for success in life but also for avoiding potential problems in future. Some students spend all of their money on leisure and fun and do not understand the concept of saving and budgeting.

 If they keep spending their money, they will possibly face a personal financial crisis when they grow up. Once entering into adulthood, they have to confront realities such as bills for phone, internet, rent and electricity. If they have no idea of budgeting for necessary life expenditures, they are likely to be in debt. In the worst scenarios, some young adults become thieves and robbers as they run out of money, and their parents cannot give them financial support anymore.

In conclusion, it is necessary for high school students to learn about money management and get ready for adult life. As a proverb goes, the fool and his money are soon parted.

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8 Responses

  1. Sai says:

    Financial management is necessary for every human individual. Some people suggest that secondary school students must be taught about financial management to develop a right attitude in their future . I totally agree with this opinion as they are the future earners.

    There are numerous reasons that high school children should learn about money management. To begin with, they will able to know the value of money which helps to raise their standard of living. Furthermore, they can able to control unnecessary expenses. For instance, a survey was conducted on high school students of Harvard university and they assert that they became proficient in controlling their expenses by learning financial management. Finally, students can able to save money in their banks rather than spending on unimportant things.

    However , some people assert that by knowing money management children would develop notorious attitude. Firstly, they will not concentrate on academic subjects which are more important than financial management. Secondly, they will develop more enthusiasm on money rather than on education which puts their life in danger.

    To conclude, I firmly believe that management of money should be learnt at an early stage of life which makes ready for adult life.

  2. Bipasha Chowdhury says:

    I am following you Mam…. your writing is very clear and logical.

  3. Mandeep Singh says:

    Many believe that public schools should provide lessons to pupils about money management as it is an imperative life art. Personally, i totally disagree with the given statement due to certain reasons discussed below in the subsequent paragraphs.

    Initially, by learning about money savings techniques at a early stage of life students would become money minded. Such pupils will then try to save every single penny by each possible way. In other words, students might hesitate to buy presents for their loves ones at special occasion such as parents weeding anniversary and for friend’s birthday, and this would portray a poor image of themselves in public. Also, because such kind of students would give more importance to money rather than relationships, they might loose a lot of friends. For instance, a survey conducted by University of Maryland in the U.S.A revealed that students of Ohio city had less social involvement as individuals were not fond of their company being of their stereotype thinking towards money.
    Secondly, another reason for not to provide money savings classes during high school is education loss. Not only by concentrating on money savings methods pupils would have lack of focus on their studies, but also they would not be able to pass their public schools. In addition, since money savings techniques would distract their minds from education, they would have less interest towards study, and this could result in that they might not prefer to choose tertiary education. For example, as per a news article published in ‘The Tribune’ in year of 2018 explained that more than 30 % of higher secondary school students in Delhi, not enrolled for college as they were influenced from wealth accumulation art during high school.
    In conclusion, it is evident from above discussed facts that if student will receive money management classes during their higher secondaries they would face loss in academic qualification and social embarrassment.

  4. Taiwo says:


    Since the advent of technology, most industries have become dominated by it which has also affected the home front. In recent times, research has shown that a lot of children would rather spend most of their times play computer games rather than engaging in sport activities. This is due to several factors which will be highlighted in this essay.
    One major factor responsible for little interest is lack of interpersonal skills amongst youngsters. For instance, in the mid-century, there were often activities organized at schools or social clubs for parents where children are included. This usually allow there to be interactive sessions among the children. However, this is lacking in the present century, therefore, teenagers would rather engage in activities that will not require communicating with others such as online games instead on sports which promotes such.
    Similarly, due to the perpetual increase in the standard of living, parents most work beyond the stipulated working hours while some work two or more jobs to be able to meet up with their family obligations. So, in order to make up for their absence or display their affection, they purchase these electronic gadgets or other preferred items which enhances anti-social behaviour.
    This development is definitely a negative one because participating in physical activities such as sports helps in the long run in terms of encouraging fitness and healthy lifestyle as well as cooperative skills which is of utmost importance in the workplace.
    In conclusion, parents should put checks on their children if video games are a must and encourage more physical and social activities. Likewise, educational institutions should include physical education in their curriculum and government should monitor the technologies been imported into the country as the future of the country lies in the coming generations.

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