Some People Think That Having A Retirement Age For Everybody Regardless Of Occupation Is Unfair

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These days, the topic of early retirement is much discussed. Some people believe that setting a fixed retirement age for all employees is unfair. In their opinion, people working in certain sectors should be allowed to retire early. I agree with that view.

To begin with, not all jobs are the same in terms of mental or physical demands. Certain jobs are more mentally or physically strenuous and people performing those jobs should receive early retirement. It will benefit the society as well as them. A recent study showed that people who work in physically and mentally demanding occupations might suffer from dementia if they continue working in the same occupation after turning fifty. If these people are not allowed to retire early, they will become a burden on their company because of their low productivity.

There are also certain jobs that are better suited for youngsters than seniors. For example, driving a truck or waiting on tables requires greater levels of physical fitness. Such jobs are suited for young people. Likewise, aeroplane pilots also deserve early retirement because as they age their vision deteriorates and that could be a flight hazard. There are also certain jobs that no one wants to do. For example, few people are interested in cleaning sewage or collecting garbage. The government can encourage more people to take up such jobs by offering them early retirement.  Lastly, firefighters also deserve early retirement because of their sacrifices and readiness to protect lives and also because their work is very demanding physically and mentally.

To conclude, I strongly agree that some workers should be entitled to an early retirement. While fixing the age of retirement for each occupation, the government should consider the demands of the job.

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