Some People Think That Getting A Degree From A University Is The Best Way To Guarantee A Good Job | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that getting a degree from a university is the best way to guarantee a good job, others believe that it would be better to go straight into work and get experience instead. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Finding a good job is a herculean task in this challenging world. It is commonly believed that tertiary education is the best way to secure an ideal job. Although this view is supported by some, others have a strong counter-argument that gaining work experience is a better option. In my opinion, education and work experience are both equally important. It depends entirely upon the requirements of the job.

To commence with, it is globally accepted that a university degree is the key to great career opportunities. Some professions demand a set of skills that can only be gained by a detailed study of the subject in college. For example, to become a doctor, an engineer, an architect, and an advocate a university degree is a must in order to equip oneself with the comprehensive knowledge of the subject to cater to these professional requirements. Therefore, it is said that a certificate of tertiary education is extremely important to be in professions where high level skills and thorough knowledge are the first and foremost prerequisite.

On the contrary, there are professions which focus on experience rather than the degree. Entrepreneurship is one of the best examples in this category. For example, one does not need a university degree to open a restaurant or a workshop. These careers are based on practical experiences rather than university education. For example, in India the extremely successful small scale business named Lijat Pappad is owned and run by a  group of women who neither pursued studies nor possessed any degrees. Thus, it is evident that in some sectors experience is more important than formal educational qualifications.

To conclude, it is the nature of the job which requires whether education is more important than work experience. A university degree is a must in certain sectors whereas experience is more relevant in some other sectors.  

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8 Responses

  1. Harjot Kaur says:

    Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of getting enrolled in the University for higher education, however many start working also directly after school. A number of individuals deem that the best method to ensure a good occupation is getting graduated from a university. Whereas, another group reckon that going for job and gaining experience directly after high school is more beneficial. I will discuss both the views and later give my opinion in the subsequent divisions.

    To initiate with the reasons why university learning is considered necessary by a fair amount of people. There is no denying in fact that posts in any organisation that are at higher level such as doctor, engineer etcetera requires the aspirants to have graduation as their basic qualification because those jobs need specialization in a particular subject which can only be acquired in university. For example post of manager at any company is given to only those who are having a degree from a renowned University. Moreover, employers mostly prefer the one with degree rather than the person having only high school qualification because they generally believe that employees who went to University or college has wider horizons due to the fact that they get the chance to get more exposure which makes them capable of dealing with various situations as well as people.

    On the other hand, supporters of working straight after school claim that pupil who just pass from school are younger, thus, if they start working at an early age, then it helps them to become independent quite early in life. Furthermore, the individuals who start job after school can surpass the one who get enrolled in university in terms of experience which can help them to beat the graduates while competing for the placement whose most important requirement is experience.

    To recapitulate, both the groups have their own reasons to favour one of the paths. But, in my point of view both have equal importance. It depends on the job requirements that whether getting a degree is more important or experience plays a key role.

  2. Harjot Kaur says:

    Women and men are commonly seen as having different strengths and weaknesses. Is it right to exclude males or females from certain professions because of their gender?

    It is generally believed that males and females both have different strengths and weaknesses. However, it is not appropriate to restrict any individual, either man or woman, from trying for a particular job due to their gender and reasons for which I am going to discuss in the subsequent divisions.

    To start with, although both the genders have distinct natural abilities and weaknesses, one can acquire any quality by practicing. An individual can become eligible for a profession that is considered to be suitable for opposite gender if given a right training. For instance, due to the fact that higher physical strength, men are believed to be more suitable for defense services on the contrary various high ranked positions are secured by women in all the three defense forces of India nowadays. Also, stitching and designing which were once reserved as women’s profession are now overtaken by men such as Mannish Malhotra who is one of most well-known fashion designer of Indian. Thus, hard work and a lot of practice is required for any occupation instead of gender.

    In addition to this, it is not always the case that certain qualities are inborn only in particular gender as there are several men and women who have such talents in them since their childhood that is commonly seen in other gender. To illustrate an example, various popular chefs present in India learned the skills of cooking on their own without any professional training despite being male, for example, Chef Sanjeev, a world well-known Chef from India. Hence, to say that all the men and women are born with certain skills according to their gender would be incorrect.

    To recapitulate, any occupation can be joined by anyone regardless of their gender provided that they prepare themselves by practicing and training. Moreover, it does not matter whether the particular job is believed to be done by men or women in better way if the aspirant is passionate about that work.

  3. Taswar Hussain says:

    Some people think that getting a degree from a university is the best way to guarantee a good job, others believe that it would be better to go straight into work and get experience instead. Discuss both sides and give your opinion?
    In the contemporary era, a few individuals assert that obtaining a degree from a college is a better path to promise great work while others feel that it would be nice to go directly into the job and attain training (rather than a degree). In my opinion, I content that a degree from a university holds more importance rather than straight away get into work because the university graduates can be trusted with more responsible roles.
    To begin with, a certain number of human kinds consider that it would be great to direct join the job and acquire work experience. Primarily, one or two years of hands-on industry experience is usually an asset when applying for a job. To explain, when someone has an appropriate field experience, he would be able to get the greatest job easily because the employers often value the experience certainly in the vocational field. For instance, in my country, especially in the restaurants’ field majority of a chief neither pursued studies nor possessed any degree, but they are working at a good salary. Thus, it is evident that in some sectors experience is more important instead of formal educational qualifications.
    On the contrary, in my point of view, I believe that Acquiring a university degree is a key to great carrier opportunities. Consequently, someone cannot get a job in advanced professions if he does not have a college degree. To clarify, if any individual has a desire to become a doctor, an engineer, and an advocate, he has to obtain a university degree in the specific subject and after that, he could be able to fulfil the requirements of that profession. For illustration, in order to file a case in coat, there is required a lawyer only because he has an official permit to proceed it that he can attain after getting a university degree. Hence, it is proof to get a fantastic job, the great path is a university degree.
    To conclude, although there are varying opinions on either getting a university degree best route to assurance an exceptional job or good to go directly into the field and obtain experience. In my opinion, I think that degree from a university best road to find brilliant work.

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