Some People Think That Famous People Can Help International Aid Organizations To Draw Attention To Important Problems

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While it is believed by some individuals that popular personalities can attract public attention to critical issues, others opine that such problems will not be taken seriously. Celebrities with a huge number of followers can create awareness about important issues by posting them on their social media accounts.

Famous people enjoy huge fan following and in this age of social media they are constantly connected to their followers. Hence, celebrities can voice their concerns on social media and reach millions of followers instantly. This reach and influence enable them to create awareness about various social and political causes. Needless to say, many major international organizations often seek the support of celebrities to promote their causes. For example, animal rights group PETA often uses Hollywood celebrities in their campaigns. Such campaigns have been hugely successful and have played a massive role in making people aware of animal rights.

On the other hand, the support of celebrities does not always help social or humanitarian causes. Celebrities are often seen as opportunists and hence when they voice their support for a cause, people are more inclined to believe that they are doing this for some free publicity. In some cases, this is true too. Many celebrities have a desperate need to stay in the limelight so when an issue arises, they are often the first ones to voice their opinion.  While this certainly helps them to get some media coverage, in this process they are also taking attention away from the cause. Sometimes it is common for two or more celebrities to be on opposite sides of an issue and engage in silly fights on social media. In such cases, obviously, the issue will be forgotten as the media is only interested in covering the celebrity fight. There are also some celebrities who act in ways that violate their proposed stand on a particular issue. For example, some celebrities who have participated in campaigns against fur are often seen wearing fur themselves. Such ridiculous acts do not serve the interests of any campaigns.

In conclusion, when respected celebrities lend their sincere support to causes they believe in, they certainly help to make a difference. However, organizations should avoid roping in celebrities who only have self serving agendas as they will do more harm than good.

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