Some People Think That Cultural Traditions Will Be Destroyed When They Are Used As Money Making Machines Aimed At Tourists | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that cultural traditions will be destroyed when they are used as money-making machines aimed at tourists. Others believe it is the only way to save such traditions in the world today. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Traditional cultural symbols are increasingly being used to boost local tourism. Some people support this move as they believe that their local cultures can be perpetuated in this way; however, other people argue that making money from cultural traditions will eventually destroy their indigenous culture. In my opinion, culture based tourism protects rather than destroy traditional cultures and values.

Integrating traditional cultural aspects with local tourism provides greater exposure to these cultures. To be specific, by showcasing indigenous activities, handcrafts and artworks in front of international travellers, local residents are actually putting their own cultures under the spotlight of the whole world. This will help spread their culture all over the world and more and more people will be interested in visiting those holiday destinations which are famous for the exotic cultural experiences they provide. This will not only boost local culture and traditions but also help local artists and artisan earn a better livelihood. For example, this is a great way to promote local art and dance forms that may be losing popularity among the native audience.

On the other hand, over exploitation of cultural traditions for the sake of tourism may inevitably cause issues. If the local culture is coarsely adapted to suit the purpose of tourism, the tourist experience is compromised and this may actually show the culture in a bad light. For example, when I was travelling in Yunnan Province in the Southwest China, I took part in a culture experience tour so as to know more about the local culture. However, the tour was poorly designed and all participants were made to buy local handicrafts. It left a negative impression on me and I will not recommend this place to any of my friends. In other words, for many destinations, the merging / amalgamation of culture and tourism is doing more harm than good.

In conclusion, there is no harm in using culture to promote tourism. It not only enhances the reputation of the country but also provides a livelihood to local artists. However, it is essential to do this in an aesthetical manner so that the effect is not counter-productive.

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  1. Saleha says:

    Doing an enjoyable activity with a child can develop better skills and more creativity than reading. To what extent do you agree? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your answer.

    Whether it is reading story books or playing games to nurture off-springs hidden talents, parents throughout the world try best to flourish their kids’ career and growth. It is proven that interesting activities can enhance creativity and skills in children, but saying that reading is less significant, is a conservative statement to say.

    Sport activities like cricket, hockey, basket-ball etcetera have plethora of benefits for enhancing various skills in children. Sports not only tickles the curiosity of young generation but at the same time teaches essential lessons of the life like team work, handling failures and maintaining discipline. Playing games like solving puzzles and other mind games increase the mental abilities of the kids. Activities like painting and dancing, intensify the horizon of imagination and creativity of the little ones. Thus, children can have strong physical and mental fitness. But reading also play a vital role in the upbringing of toddlers.

    Reading books has numerous advantages. It strengthens knowledge, boost confidence and amplify imagination in students; It enhances vision to see things from different perspectives. Additionally, it improves to have command over a language. However, many parents feel that spending time in reading is wastage, instead this time should be utilized in different activities. They also point that, reading does not attract the young one for long and kids get bore easily.

    To exemplify, school syllabi covers both study and other cultural, sports, and professional activities to teach student different aspects of life so that can not only get good career but also become a better adult as well. But “Balance is the key to success”.

    Childhood is best time to imbibe new learnings; it can lead to have successful life ahead. And parents play an important role to decide what to teach their off-springs. It is proven that indulging kids in fun activities can be one of the best way to make them develop new skills but one should not forget that reading is also important to nurture different abilities.

  2. POORNESH says:

    some parents are worried about increasing levels of violence in TV,Video games and other entertainments for Children’s leisure.
    how does this affects the children?
    how do you think this can be tackled?


    Nowadays, most of the current generation parents are being alarmed of their kids getting accustomed to video games and content that contains violence and blood. This essay illustrates the consequences of those games and measures to be taken by parents to minimize the usage by their kin.

    It is a human tendency that, people get instantly attracted to games that are horror and wild. This is prevalent, particularly in the case of Millenials. Most of the recent super hit video games are either related to war-hunting or provoking the bullying and causing hurdles to innocent people. Let’s take PUBG game as an example, which became an instant hit among the users and most of them are in teenage. They got addicted to the game with extreme levels and ignoring their daily routines and causing a lot of disturbances to people around. Some of them eventually becoming mentally disturbed.

    To control these adverse effects, Both parents and game providers need to work hand in hand so that it won’t affect their children’s health and behaviour. Firstly, there has to be a censoring agency to look after these kind of games and publish rating on which age group of users that can be used, same as the way it is working for movies. Government has to work proactively on setting up and monitor these activities. In addition to this, parents must educate and clearly explain their kids about side effects of such blood-filled games and how it’s going to hinder their child’s creativity at this tender age.

    To summarize, with the help of both government and service providers’ consciousness, parents can control this violence-filled games and video contents. So that their kids will not fall prey to these activities.

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