Some People Think That Children Should Learn To Read From Traditional Paper Books | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that children should learn to read from traditional paper books, while others feel that it is fine to start the reading process on an e-reader (like a Kindle or iPad). Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

With the help of technology, we have switched from paper books to e-book readers.  Some are of the opinion that youngsters should read from paperback; on the contrary, others are of the opinion that using technology in learning through new age gadgets such as Kindle or iPad is better.  In my view, we should use the technology to teach our children in schools. 

The supporters of traditional reading material argue that it is better in the long term for young people.  While studying one has to concentrate hard on the book. Reading a paper book causes little or no strain on their eyes. By contrast, staring at an e-book reader which emits the blue light for long hours is not good for their health. If we insist that our children should adopt this new technology it will definitely affect their vision in the long run.

On the other hand, I argue that we should shift from paper based books to ebooks because of the numerous benefits provided by the latter.  Although using an iPad is not so healthy for a child, if used in moderation and with precautions it is a useful technology.  It creates more interest in reading and because it is interactive they learn with fun.  For example, my four year old niece is more interested in my iPad. Whenever she gets a chance to have it, she opens up her favourite lesson and tries to learn it.  Also, ebooks do not have weight or occupy space. If schools adopt e-book readers, students will not have to carry heavy textbooks. Due to its benefits it is better for new age children to make use of this technology.

In conclusion, reading through traditional method has its own charm. At the same time I side with the new age reading material through which a child can learn with interest. 

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2 Responses

  1. Shirina Samreen says:

    It is opined by some people that children should begin to learn reading from conventional paper books. Others believe that reading can also start through an e-reader like kindle or ipad. In my opinion, it is always better that children learn to read from paper books rather than using an electronic device owing to the health hazards associated with excessive exposure to screen.Especially, young children are vulnerable to the damages affecting the eyes and brain since their bodies are not fully developed.

    Multiple reasons can be attributed to the belief that learning to read from an e-reader is fine. Firstly, parents feel that the technological breakthrough in the digital world has added convenience.The use of these devices has become very easy and it enhances the intellectual ability of the child. Additionally, the world has become tech-savvy and children are expected to be conversant with the use of such devices from a young age.

    Nevertheless, the use of electronic devices has harmful effects on the overall well being of the child.Research has proven that the light emitted from the screens of such devices has adverse effects on the development of eye and the brain. Since learning to read is a continuous activity which demands longer hours on a regular basis, the child is unknowingly subjected to over-exposure to a screen. Consequently,a majority of young population suffers with problems related to vision.

    In conclusion, I feel that reading from a paper is the most natural way for the human race and the child should begin its journey of reading in the same way to make progress consistently without having any negative impact on the health. People should realize the dangerous consequences when such devices are accessible to children from a young age.

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