Some People Think That Children Should Begin Their Formal Education At A Very Early Age | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that children should begin their formal education at a very early age. Others think they should begin after 7 years of age. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Many are of the view that children should not start their schooling until 7 years of age, whereas others believe that it is better to start their formal teaching from a very young age. My opinion coincides with the latter notion, and the reasons for this will be delineated below.

Children are very fragile and they need the support of their parents during early years of their lives. Hence, it is advisable to allow them to spend majority of their time with their parents. Thus, they can start schooling once they are capable enough to carry out at least the basic activities like getting dressed and eating food by themselves. For instance, my neighbour’s four year old always brings back his food from the kindergarten, as he does not like to eat it by himself. However, being with the parents until 7 years of age will certainly make the child more dependent and he/she will feel homesick when the formal schooling starts.

Nevertheless, studying at an early age has its own advantages. The child will be able to grasp things quickly, as they will be learning while playing and this will not feel as a burden to them. For example, nowadays, play schools are equipped with varieties of creative toys that helps the young ones to play and learn at the same time. Moreover, the child can also be moulded to a better human being by making them understand the difference between the good and the bad.

To conclude, it is beneficial for children to have a formal education as early as possible. As it will not only aid them in learning at a fast pace, but it will also educate them to be responsible person.

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