Some People Think That Children Going To Single Sex Schools Have Disadvantages Later In Their Life

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According to some people, kids / children who go to gender isolated schools will be at a disadvantage in their adult life. I agree with this view to a great extent. While I do admit that single sex schools provide some benefits, in my opinion, this method of schooling is largely detrimental for students as it hurts their social skills.

The biggest advantage of sending children to a single sex school is that it enables them to focus on their studies. In a co-educational school, children often get distracted by students of the opposite gender. For example, girls may get infatuated by boys or vice-versa. Such distractions can hurt their scores and overall academic performance.

On the other hand, children going to schools where there are only boys or girls also tend to have limited social skills. As they hardly get any opportunity to interact with the opposite sex in an informal setting like the classroom, they become anxious when they have to talk to members of the opposite sex outside school. This anxiety can affect their confidence levels and make their interactions with the opposite sex awkward. This inability, unfortunately, will have greater repercussions when these kids grow up into adults and enter the workplace. In the real world and the modern workplace, there are both men and women and an inability to effortlessly interact with all people is an essential trait for success. Since same-sex school educated students often lack this skill, their professional and personal life often suffer.

In short, to a great extent, I agree with the argument that studying in a same sex school is disadvantageous for students as it hurts their social skills and makes it difficult for them to have healthy interactions with members of the opposite sex. Of course, there are some minor advantages to this method of schooling, but they often pale in comparison to the disadvantages.

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