Some People Think That Being Creative During Your Time Off Is Helpful | Band 6.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that being creative during your time off is helpful. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and express your own opinion.

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Band 6.5 IELTS essay sample

Some argue that by doing creative activities during time-off, employees can gain many benefits. However, there are some drawbacks too. This essay will explore the pros and cons of being creative during the annual leave of work.

To start with, one of the major plus points of being inventive during time off is the opportunity to enjoy a sense of fulfillment. In other words, by being engaged in such activities, employees can have a sense of purpose which often leads to higher productivity. For example, if you devote your time to master a job-related skill in a more creative way, lessening heavy work pressure when you get back to work later, raising your self-esteem alike. Secondly, vacations are decent opportunities to make the optimum use of time. Mostly when staff gets the chance to be creative during these periods, it will provide better solutions and improvements for the company. In other words, ideas brought up by creative staff could benefit companies to survive in the competitive market.

On the other hand, it may be challenging or even unbearable for some people to do inventive-based tasks during their holiday time. Cleary, neither getting enough rest nor doing leisure activities, individuals could become less energetic and find their job dead tedious. Another major drawback of being creative during this period is that it can affect people’s working life. This way, it often reduces people’s daily contact with their family members that usually cause conflicts or arguments.

All in all, there are both positives and negatives related to this matter. Despite the merits it brings, it has some downsides. I believe that it is important to find the right work-life balance within this attitude.

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