Some people think that artists should be given total freedom

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Artistic creations are often the subject of many public debates and controversies. Some individuals think that to bring out their creativity, artists should be given complete freedom of expression. I, however, disagree with this view and believe that only a certain degree of freedom is necessary and should be given.

Allowing complete freedom to express artistic thought and ideas has many drawbacks. Art pieces often deals with subjects such as religion and history which have high emotional significance for many groups of people. If such things are not taken into account, art works are likely to draw widespread criticism and public outrages. For instance, a few years ago, the nude portrayal of a Hindu goddess by a famous Indian painter provoked widespread outrage in the country. Hence, artists should not be given total freedom to express their thoughts and feelings.

Conversely, a certain degree of freedom is necessary for the development and expression of creativity. Artistic creativity involves making new, innovative works of arts. Without providing them an encouraging environment and a certain degree of freedom, an artist cannot be expected to develop masterpieces of art. Hence, it is essential to provide such an environment which encourages the formation of new ideas in the artistic brain. If we compare the artistic works of different nations we can easily find out how freedom or the lack of it affects the quality of the artistic creations.  Needless to say, the countries that give considerable amount of freedom to their artists are the ones that have always been able to produce masterpieces. This is not the case in societies which are extremely orthodox and impose unnecessary restrictions on their artists. Therefore, certain degree of freedom is vital.

To conclude, in my perspective, an artist should not be given complete freedom of expression as this can disrupt the peace and harmony of a nation. However, certain degree of freedom is necessary to encourage artistic expression.

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