Some People Think That A Life Is Good For People As It Is | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that a life is good for people as it is while others believe that constant change can be too demanding on people. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Some people are not afraid of making changes, and are brave enough to face challenges and explore the unknown fields in life. I totally agree with this attitude towards life, though frequent changes may put people in disadvantageous situations.

People who do not stay the same are more likely to reach a better standard of living as they can find their real passion in life by doing different jobs. There is always a gap between the dream and the reality, so their current professions may not be ideal for them or may even contradict with their life values. Instead of bearing resentment at work, these people have the courage to take action and search for better opportunities. Through several attempts, they may eventually find a suitable position with much higher salary, or set up their own business. This cannot be realized if they choose to stay in the same position forever.  

On the other hand, people who make changes are often regarded as unreliable and unstable in social and work life and this may put a strain on their career development and social relationships. Companies spend money and time on the recruitment process and training of new employees, so the bosses want their workers to stay longer to make more contributions to the company. People who switch jobs frequently may lose their credibility on the job market and may not be trusted by the human resource staff, so they are less likely to get offers and promotions. Moreover, people who constantly move from one city to another find it difficult to establish a good social network since it takes time for strangers to know each other and build friendship. 

In my opinion, we should live life as it is and deal with unexpected difficulties and changes confidently. We have to combat our fear toward future and walk out of our comfort zone to overcome tough times when there are no other options. Otherwise, staying the same will not only stop us from making progress, but also make our life become even worse. For example, a stomach cancer patient may die in two months without any treatment. But there is a chance that he can live another two years if he accepts surgery and chemotherapy. He may die during the surgery, but he never knows his potential and the outcome unless he tries.

In conclusion, resisting change certainly reduces risk; however, it also limits our potential for growth. In my opinion, we must be willing to grab opportunities whenever they present themselves even if that means switching to another career, learning a new skill or moving to another country.

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